Second Life: Amon’s Fantasy House

I currently have two SL premium accounts which I keep mostly for the nice Linden House you get as a subscriber. My main account owns a cabin, which I post about here and there as I decorate it for holidays. My second account, made after my character Amon, owns a fantasy style house – mainly because I was curious about the fantasy houses and neighborhoods.

I worked pretty hard at decorating the house with a combination of fantasy sci-fi that fit his character, and am proud of the outcome. I’ve kept meaning to post screens of it, but never sat down to do it. So here it is!

Outside – Front and Back

The outside of the fantasy houses aren’t actually all that bright and vivid, to be honest, but they do have an elf-like style. There’s lots of mushrooms, crystals and willow-type trees by default. I went for some Celtic stone decorations as well.

A nice little stream runs along the back yard which is a plus!

Entry and Main Room

Walking into the front door, you get a small, lightly-decorated entry hall that leads to both the main room and music room. The main room has a variety of odd doo-dads (including an Allagan Tomestone on the bookshelf) and a “secret” entry into the back alchemy lab. The big red curtain on the wall hides a theater sized wall TV!

Oh, and he has a cute little bot running around in the main room and a pet snake (Cadu)!

Secret Alchemy Room

It’s not impossible to find, but hidden behind one of those draped windows in the main room is the entry to the “secret” alchemy room full of magic type stuff.


Amon also has a rather luxurious bedroom with a big ole bed, lots of drapes and some pictures of his friends and family (screenshots from FFXIV).

Music Room

Last, but certainly not least, is the music room. I’m super proud of how this room in particular turned out and put my all into it! Piano, harp, violin, tea tray and lots of theater drapes are present!

Current SL Dilemma

Part of the reason I’m making this post is because I sit at the edge of a dilemma. Having a second premium account isn’t unusual for me – I’ve had one for alts on and off throughout the years – but the cost is much more than it used to be and is now getting higher starting this month.

I missed the news that from here on out, LL will be charging US residents tax on things like subscriptions, land fees and buying linden dollars. This is quite an ouch – think about if your MMO sub was taxed based on your city rates!

True, this turns out to be only 80 cents more a month (I do have Amon set as a monthly account in the case I ever want to quickly stop his sub). But all this adds up quite a bit.

I considered doing away with his sub, which is the main reason I went through and took screens of his fantasy home. But in doing so, I realized how much work and love went into decorating it (not to mention $L for the objects in the house). I’m having a hard time letting go because it does bring happiness to me for him to have a home decorated just in his style to return to after fishing or whatever exploration he’s gotten into.

I’ve already paid for this month’s sub, so I have time to consider. But dang do I really enjoy this fantasy house – I could do so much with it that I did not with my main avatar’s home!