FFXIV: Moogle Treasure Trove Returns!

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It’s that time again – the Mog Tomes event returns! This may be the last time that Praetorium is on the list of to-run for 10 tome drops, too (RIP easy tome runs). So if you want to experience Prae farming before all the changes to MSQ dungeons drop in 6.1, now’s the time to do it.

I know many Blue Mages opt to do lower level dungeons as groups and just waste them, and I hear that PvP is a pretty popular option at the start of these tome events, too.

Check out the link above to see all the rewards and content options for this event.

So what’s new in this time around?

The Euphonious Kamuy Fife (Suzaku trial), the Mameshiba Earring and the Tamamo Headband (Foxy Lady Fate) are the big ticket items. There seems to be a smattering of Allagan PvP gear, some of the previous mounts and of course the typical housing items, music, cards and minions.

The wolf mount is the top item for me on two characters. I still need to pick up a final bird mount on my alt to get the Thunderbird as well. I’ll be working towards the headband on that alt, too. But other than that, the list of what I really want to work towards is far smaller than the last event (thankfully – that was nuts).

Are you going to take advantage of the Mog Tome event? Is there anything you want to pick up this time around?

4 responses to “FFXIV: Moogle Treasure Trove Returns!”

  1. These events makes me go back to the game, i don’t know why, maybe i like self-harm by doing the Praetorium 😂 but i also do other stuff, level some crafting, do some side quests.


  2. I’d already forgotten about this until I found some tomestones after Prae in my bag last night. My prio rewards are the hairstyle, the headband, and the orchestrion roll – unless (and of course I haven’t checked that yet) there’s a mount I am missing, but we farmed all the wolves just before EW launched.


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