WordPress Block Pattern Directory

For fellow bloggers who are also WordPress users, I ran across something interesting last night that I hadn’t seen discussed. It’s the WordPress official Block Pattern Directory.

You likely know that authoring in WordPress uses elements that they call blocks. These blocks are meant to be arranged to create layouts of text and media – though often this can take some tweaking to get just right.

This library of free block patterns provides a very simple copy and paste option that allows you to place pre-made block templates into your blog’s pages or posts. I tested it in both WordPress.com hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs.

How to use these patterns? Just find the pattern you like in the directory (linked above) and hover over it – a Copy button appears. Click the Copy button…

Then go to the post or page you’re creating and paste it in. You should get something like:

Then, of course, you want to customize the blocks you pasted to reflect the content and media you want to reflect. Here’s a quick sample of replacing text and images:

What’s more exciting is that WordPress has announced that they are releasing a Pattern Creator to allow the WordPress creative community to make their own templates that will add to the directory. Similar to how people create themes, this will eventually expand upon the designs offered in the library.

So go out there and find patterns that spruce up your WordPress blog pages and posts!