BDO: Fwuzzy Alpaca Mount

BDO: Fwuzzy Alpaca Mount

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While I still haven’t been playing much of BDO as of late, I did decide to pick up the permanent Fwuzzy Alpaca mount this past week. It sounds like this mount appeared some time in the past as a temporary mount, but now it’s come back in a quest that spans 5 days, located in Duvencrune.

You can only get this mount using a level 50 Shai character and it’s available only once per family. The quest itself wasn’t hard to do, just something that takes several days of remembering to go do it.

I’m not sure how much longer the quest will be there, however. So if you want one of these, it’s probably a good idea to start your quests now!

It seems to be a fairly slow mount from what I’ve seen so far. But you can train it up to level 15 and it can learn up to 7 unique skills – some of them are pretty cute, like little dances.

However, because you only have 15 levels to work with, if you really want all the skills, it looks like you’ll have to have some mount skill swap coupons ready at hand. Based on the video below, your best bet is to use a method much like training a courser, and swap out the “Ptooey” skill for something else each time the mount learns it.

It’s a bit of a pain since these coupons can cost IRL money to pick up if you don’t have any stashed away from previous events. So it’s up to you whether it’s worth it to use them here… or on a more important mount for courser training.

Though, at the rate my courser training is going, it’s going to be a while before I use these coupons on any dream horses. Ouch.

5 responses to “BDO: Fwuzzy Alpaca Mount”

  1. Hi, I’m doing the quest, and I’m a little stuck on one of them, I need to get onto Fwuzzy and get him back to the quest giver, but i keep falling off. please help …


    • That one stumped me a bit too if it’s day 4, I believe? The one where he’s in the field and keeps falling over after you get on him? You don’t have to take him back to the quest giver on that day. Just get on him, fall off and go back to the quest giver to let her know your progress. It’s not well marked what you need to do.


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