WordPress.com Plan Pricing Changes – Staff Now Seeking Feedback

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Just a small follow up to the previous post about WP.com’s change to pricing and plans. There’s still no formal announcement, but the support forum has opened up a pinned post with staff seeking user feedback.

It has a little bit of information clarifying some questions – not all of them. But I encourage you to hop into the thread and speak your mind, even if you’re saying something similar to what’s been already posted there.

You can find the thread located here.

I know I’m going to draft up a reply.

15 responses to “WordPress.com Plan Pricing Changes – Staff Now Seeking Feedback”

  1. They admit the Pro plan is radical, yet in the same breath think $15/mo annually is affordable. What?
    “WordPress Pro radically simplifies that decision by rolling the very best of managed WordPress hosting into a single, affordable plan at just $15/month (paid annually).”

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  2. …seems like they’re bent on pushing the new Pro plan and gaining/forcing higher paying subscribers before they mention a middle tier or a la carte options…though they state they’re still adjusting the free plan.
    But about our current plans, they say, “Going forward, signups and sites will integrate smoothly into our new Free and Pro plans” This is uncertainty if you ask me. While we can keep our current plans as-is, if we make any changes, we’ll be swept into what? Higher fees? Fewer features?

    They nixed the traffic limits on the new free plan! And adjusted the free plan’s media storage limit higher.

    I hope they add custom domains, no ads, and theme customization a la carte at good price points.


    • They look like they’re going to offer more customized la carte upgrades for space and other features that might be a decent solution. So you’d drop back to free, and add on whatever you need – like more space, no ads, etc. – that should be a lower price than the $15. I noted they also said they’re thinking about rolling back to allowing monthly pay – that’s a thing for some people.

      I am happy they listened to free needing more space as a foundation and the traffic limits on all plans. We’ll see – this might turn out okay in the end.

      I do believe our feedback may have helped.

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