FFXIV 6.1 Patch Notes Highlights

It’s that time again! Patch notes time – here’s the preliminary FFXIV 6.1 patch notes for the release coming next week. And here’s what I think of what I’ve seen so far!

Of course, I’m hopping over the basic things like story, raids and dungeons, as usual. We know those are coming and are exciting. Here’s me looking at the little stuff and QoL that I love so much. Let’s jump into it!


New housing and everything that comes with it – the lotto system, etc. Also interesting to have wards just for FC and just for individuals. While I’m happy with the house I have, I know there’s a lot of people excited for the new Ishgard area!

Love this! Love this! Love this!

I have a couple of low level alts that will be taking advantage of these changes as they come out across the expansions. Very happy for the Duty Support System!

While I’m not absolutely thrilled for this feature as I am others in this section, I think it’s a great one and is much needed, which is why I’m putting it top tier.

While I don’t care at all for that armor set, I am interested in the possible other rewards you can get from the new PVP series. I like that the series lasts a full patch, too, to give me time to work on it across more than one character if I feel the rewards are good enough.

Please give me a node mount that doesn’t require 200 wins!

More flexible glamour is always exciting! Especially the Ishgardian Thighboots and the Boulevardier’s set (for me).


Add this to expanding the glamour toilet (soon) and I’m a happy camper!

I am so, so stoked for this feature and where it’s going to go in the future. I’m also excited to collect plate customization elements – I saw some in the PVP rewards, I believe.

I’m also very excited about this feature. I was just thinking about it not long ago, actually, because Everquest 2 has a feature where you can see what gear looks like before you buy it, and it’s super useful. I know Yoshi-P is hesitant to break immersion by adding cash shop stuff in game (I appreciate that), but this is a good move.

Yes! This was so annoying. Glad this is being fixed.

I have needed this feature for so, so long…


It’s been a while since FCs got new toys. Having new symbols is nice – check out that fat cat!

I was wondering if we’d see more updates to subs. I guess this answers my question!

Cute mount and available for MGP as long as you finished the raids. Will be picking this one up.

Always happy for new Viera hairstyles. But why do buns keep their ears and Hrothgar do not?

Good change. I need to work on some of these logs, but jump puzzles in this game just don’t work for me most the time.


I got most of what I wanted from GARO back in the day, but happy this is returning for those who weren’t here to participate the first time.

Keep on bringing fashion accessories – I like em!

This is very, very nice!

Interesting changes – especially the adding a comment to a retainer. I mostly have all of mine memorized, but I’ll still be using this to remind myself which one has my housing stuff and which one is my mats storage.

Customizing the currency tab is not something I thought about before, but now that the idea is here, I really like it!

Thank you! It’s so annoying to have popups during a cutscene when I just want to be snapping screenshots!

More explorer mode is always good!


Er… I usually get excited for the new housing exteriors but this one takes the cake. Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s cute but not something I’d want to see next door.

This is more of a curious “Hmmm?” The list of changes to the older dungeons is interesting! I’ll have to unsync through them to explore a bit!

This is a curious change. I wonder why..?


I hate to be the one downvoting hairstyles for Hrothgar because they need them. But no ears just doesn’t work for me. Also, I can’t tell if hairstyle changes are still locked behind Fantasia – from the sounds of it, this is the case. Do not like.

But, have they finally unlocked hair from faces? I guess I’ll have to look into it. If so, that’s a good thing.

And there we have it! My personal highlights for the early patch notes of 6.1. There’s a lot coming to be excited about and you can be I’ll be there for it!