FFXIV Housing: Recreation Room Remake!

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Back in 2019, I wrote about the Rec Room I designed in our FC house – basically, I take the private chambers of my characters and theme it to become something for the FC and visitors to use. This is the room of my main character, and lately I felt that it was badly in need of a touch-up.

That touch-up came this week with the addition of some new 6.1 housing items that got my thoughts going. Namely, the Trick Bookshelf Partition – a bookshelf that has a secret door that opens when you approach.

Also, my main has changed since I created the original room, and I while I wanted the theme to remain a recreation room, I also wanted to make it more along the lines of a room that better fit my main now.

As you enter the room, you’re greeted by lots of books with cozy couches on both ends. And dragon statues on either side of the door.

I always hate how the Hingan style doors in Shirogane houses just don’t fit with other themes, so I find creative ways to “hide” them – curtains work well!

Now it’s time to go through the bookcase!

And the other side is the real recreation area!

I might have a few more things to add, but I’m quickly approaching my item limit. So this is the overall gist of where the room went with the remake. I think it’s a lot better!

If you’re on the Crystal Data Center, you can visit this and any of our other themed rooms here: Mateus – Shirogane – Ward 14, Lot 14.

If you stop in, please let us know in our Guestbook – located on the counter of our main room right near the front door. We appreciate the likes and the comments!

4 responses to “FFXIV Housing: Recreation Room Remake!”

  1. I love how cozy this space looks! There are so many new additions to indoor decor since the last time I was on! I’m working on my apartment at the moment, I really wish you were able to view some of the pieces before committing to buying them lol

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  2. I haven’t played this game in particular but I’ve always enjoyed decorating in the games I’ve played that have that kind of feature. It’s nice to see someone else review that kind of thing. What you’ve made here looks beautiful!


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