BDO: Fishing Corsair Style

Every time I think I’m falling out of BDO, something manages to reel me back in. This time around, it was a special log-in reward coupon called a Weight & Inventory Exchange.

What exactly does this do? Well, in BDO, like many F2P games, you don’t start with all of your inventory slots unlocked. You can get unlocks through quests, sometimes from special events or giveaways, and (of course) buying it from the store. Aside from paying loyalties now and then, this is one thing I won’t buy from the store.

What does this have to do with fishing and why did it reel me back in?

Well, back in April of last year, I rolled a character that I wanted to use specifically for fishing named Finch. I made sure that she never leveled past 49 so that she couldn’t be targeted for PVP and I could fish in peace.

I did the best I could to make her look like a seafaring character, and she was fine. But then, the Corsair class released in June and… well, let’s just say if you’re going to have a seafaring fishing character, Corsair is the proper class. I was a little miffed about this because I much would have rather made my Corsair the fisher and consolidated character slots.

What, you might ask, is the big deal? Just level the Corsair as a fisher.

Right. But two things stopped me:

  • I’d leveled my Corsair past 49 back in the days when you could get oasis gear at level 56 – so she could be PvPed
  • I’d funneled all the inventory slot upgrades I’d been getting to Finch since she’s my fisher – the more slots you have as a fisher the more fish you can carry before you need to return to town

So until now, I was stuck with Finch as my fisher. Which was fine. Just not perfect (and you know how I am).

Along comes the Weight & Inventory Exchange coupon. I had no idea this even existed. I double checked the description wondering if it was telling me what I thought it was.

Yes, indeed. This coupon would exchange the inventory limit of one character with another. This was my ticket to finally consolidating fisher on a Corsair!

Of course, the one little catch was that I’d leveled my Corsair, Petrel, beyond 49. That was an easy fix, though. I just deleted her and rerolled again the next day. I was slightly worried I might lose the name, but it all went well.

I leveled my baby Corsair to about 15, then jumped over to Finch to use the coupon.

It worked perfectly! 175 slots moved over to Petrel!

Now I have a Corsair with all the inventory space needed to properly fish. So, I’ve been leaving Petrel to level up fishing AFK over the weekend. Finch had all the way up to Arisan level fishing, so Petrel has a way to go. Though she’s already made Skilled 10 in just a few days, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I also passed all of Finch’s fishing equipment to Petrel, which makes leveling far faster. I was interested to see that Petrel’s combat class is leveling as I catch fish, too. I didn’t know that was a thing – when I started fishing, she was level 15, and now she’s level 22 without me doing anything but fishing.

I haven’t taken her out on the ocean just yet as I’ve been keeping her around town at such a low level. Eventually, maybe once she hits Artisan, I’ll put her on the ship and try to remember my favorite fishing spot in the ocean. I’ll also delete Finch and free up a character slot as I’m not really that interested in playing the Brawler-type class that Finch is.

So, back to fishing in BDO!