FFXIV: Leveling Gathering Jobs Quickly

Posted on December 6, 2022 by Aywren

In my post about the Omicron Tribal Quests – which require you to be at least level 80 in any gathering job to participate – I mentioned I’d write a quick post about all the ways you can level gatherers in FFXIV now days.

It’s far, far faster to level a gathering job than it used to be, for certain. Now that you can no longer gather high quality materials, that has simplified things such as job quests and daily turn-ins. I currently have 7 gathering characters on my account at level 70+ - many of them maxed out on multiple jobs – because it’s just that easy to do.

In fact, all it takes is about 5-7 minutes of gathering each day for daily turn-ins if that’s all you want to put towards it. If you want to level faster than that, there are additional activities you can do, but you honestly don’t even have to.

Here’s my list of thing to do to level gatherers in FFXIV:

  1. Job Quests. When you start a new gatherer, simply gather one of each resource from all the new nodes available to you and do your job quests. Each time you gather something new that you’ve not gathered before, you get a nice XP boost. Gathering all the new items for the different nodes within your level range, and following your job quests, will easily carry you from level 1 into the teens.

  2. Daily Grand Company Provisioning Missions. This one is HUGE. Basically, gather ten items and turn them into your Grand Company for nearly a level or two every day. I’m not even joking – this has received a giant boost in XP over the years, and now that you don’t have to fuss with high-quality, this takes merely a few minutes of time each day. At lower levels, it won’t be so apparent, but after about level 20+, you’ll see the returns mount up.

    Note: Fisher can take longer to do each day, so I suggest Ocean Fishing - listed later - rather than missions for faster fishing leveling. But you do you!

    Note: Go to Duty > Timers (CTRL + U) then Next Mission Allowance to see what your turn-ins are for the day.

  1. Tribal Quests. If daily grand company turn-ins are not enough for you, you can do tribal quests every day to increase your leveling speed. There’s no real gathering tribal quest for level 1-60, but beyond that, you can unlock the following:
    1. Namazu – Level 60-70
    2. Qitari – Level 70-80
    3. Omicron – Level 80-90

  2. Fieldcraft Leves. These leves used to be the main way to fast-level gathering years back, and they still exist if you want to supplement your leveling track. Basically, you pick up a quest from a leve questgiver, go to the location specified by the quest and gather what the quest requires. I haven’t run a gathering leve for a while, so I’m not sure how much XP these give, but you can most certainly try them!

  3. Weekly Custom Deliveries. Once you unlock the custom delivery NPCs, they request specific items each week that you can turn in for XP and gathering scrips. These scrips are great for gearing up your jobs, so it might be something to look into, especially as you get to the higher levels. You can also find the custom deliveries under the Duty > Timers (CTRL + U). These reset each Tuesday.

  4. Ocean Fishing (Fisher Only). Ocean fishing gives a HUGE bump to XP every time you board the boat, no matter what level fisher you are. In fact, I’ve leveled some fishers by only ocean fishing – you can go straight to 90 doing nothing else.

And there you have it! The list of activities you can do to level a gatherer!

Some of them are more time consuming than others, but I promise if all you ever do is daily turn-ins to your grand company, you will level your gathering job with a minimum amount of fuss. So if gathering isn’t your thing, but you still want to do some of the tribal quest lines, that’s your best bet!