Finally – Violin Diamond Art!

Posted on June 6, 2023 by Aywren

Just a quickie post that I went back and forth on whether it belongs here or on my Fiddle blog (which I have recently just “relaunched”). I decided since it’s not directly related to learning fiddle, and more about hobbies around fiddling, it would fit better here.

I’ve been diamond painting on and off since late 2019. During that time, I’ve kept an eye out for projects that have art that fit my various interests. Most of what I pick up are fantasy related (especially dragon), but some are nice landscapes and other animals.

One topic I’ve shopped for in the past was around violin/fiddle. I’ve seen diamond paintings with violins in them, but have not found a project that really jumped out at me.

Now days, I have such a massive stash of projects to do, I rarely pick up a new diamond painting. But this past week, Diamond Art Club (DAC) was having an anniversary sale and dropped a ton of new designs. Though I don’t typically shop for new projects, I do check out the new designs when they arrive because you just never know. Also, if you don’t buy a design quickly, and it turns out to be popular, you may have to wait months to get it if you really want it.

So, when I saw the kit “Lead Me to Night,” I did not hesitate to pick it up.

It’s not overly big in size, which is good, and it also includes “fairy dust” diamonds. I’ve done kits with DAC kits with their aurora borealis drills, and always love the variation on sparkle. This will be a first one for fairy dust for me!

I like the composition and colors of the image. But most of all (maybe I’m a snob), I liked that the hands, bow location, and bow hold is pretty accurate in the art. You don’t always see that in art of violin playing, so it’s one of the things I look for in something like this.

Though I can’t help but wonder what a crystal fiddle would sound like…

Image source - Diamond Art Club. See more of Yuumei art here!

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