No Gaming Goals – Embracing the Don’t Care Summer

Posted on July 1, 2023 by Aywren

You know what? I’ve decided to throw gaming goals to the wind this summer. This summer, I’m going to be like Turnip Boy (whom I’ve discussed just doesn’t give a care) and do what I want, when I want (when it comes to gaming), and see if this mindset brings back some joy.

Facing Gaming Guilt

It’s terrible to feel guilty about buying a new game just because the only thing I can think of is that it adds to my existing backlog. I’m fairly sure that’s not what the developers who work hard on these games want me to feel when I make a purchase.

And this is all on me. I know that.

Is having a backlog “bad”? It’s not great, no. And I’d love to experience more of what I own.

The Steam Personal Challenge started out as a strong effort to do just that, but back when my Steam library was far, far smaller. The past few years have seen me make a lot of progress in getting through my backlog, but gaming shouldn’t be about checking boxes just to see the number played go up.

It’s not even guilt about the amount of money I spend on games. I tend to shop only sales, and I have the income to buy what I do. It’s all about not playing the games I buy and feeling bad about picking up new ones because of that.

So, when I made some purchases of some of the cheapest games on my Wishlist during this Steam Summer Sale, that’s when I decided not to feel bad. I’m just not going to care. At least for this summer.

I’m going to play what I want to play when I want to play it. No goals in sight. No picking up a game just to get it on the “cleared” list. No choosing a game just because it’s short to finish on How Long to Beat.

Just games and being immersed in what I want to experience.

Let’s see how this goes.

*High-fives Turnip Boy*

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