BDO: Obtaining the Doom Dream Horse

Posted on December 21, 2023 by Aywren

I’ve written about how I spent a little over two years straight logging into Black Desert Online to finally awaken my choice dream horse – the Pegasus. Not long after that, BDO up and gave out to everyone the very same dream horse I’d spent all that time trying to earn.

I was happy that I earned the horse by my own means before that happened. I wasn’t upset that they gave it away to everyone else, because that gave me the chance to obtain a second Pegasus of the opposite gender. There is a way to breed two dream horses together for a Tier 10, but my interest in that is exactly none.

This left me with two Unicorns and two Pegasi for the years of daily logins and training. Thankfully, the gifted dream horse came fully trained, so that also cut down any time (and skill tokens) required to make the horse complete.

Right now, BDO is giving away a second dream horse. So, if you want one and you missed the first giveaway, or just want another, log in and claim it like you would any other event item.

In fact, I heard that at the Calpheon Ball, they announced that every new account made from here on would automatically receive a choice of dream horses. I guess that means the market for dream horses has just gone in the gutter (they’re way too expensive anyhow). Though you can’t sell the dream horse you get as a gift, that means less people will be buying one because everyone will have one – I guess, unless you want to go through the crazy T10 upgrade process.

Because I was offered yet another free dream horse, I chose a Doom. It’s the only one of the three dream horses that I did not own, so it made sense to complete the collection. I’m not a fan of the aesthetics or skills, and it tends to be the least sought after of the three given how many are always up for sale at any given time.

In fact, I hoisted it off on my Warrior character, Tai, because he was basically the only one who matched the Doom feel to me.

I’ve updated my BDO horses page, now with a complete set of dream horses. And now… well… I really don’t have anything else I’m after in the game. I’m putting it all on pause, though keeping it installed. Never can tell.

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