FFXIV: More Savage Mounts – My Revenge on Alexander

Posted on June 5, 2024 by Aywren

After successfully making the run for the Skyslipper mount from Eden Savage, Syn and I decided to try our hands at farming the two mounts from Alexander Savage 4 and 12. Turns out that two level 90s can clear most everything in Alex unsynced without breaking a sweat.

We first ran these on our RP alts – where I discovered that Amon never unlocked normal Alexander because he was never meant to be a raiding character. It was simple and quick enough to just burn through the normal unsynced, however. So that didn’t hold us back for long.

Once we saw how easy it was to get these mounts, we hopped back over to our mains to clear it as well. This meant facing A12 on my main – which was something I told myself I would never do again.

Back in 2016, I cleared the Alex normal raids with my FC. But the frustration of going in blind – that was my fault, and I have never done that again with a raid or trial – put me off of ever running these raids since.

Quoted from that post, I said:

For now, though, I’m putting Alexander to rest. I feel like I’ve finished it, and that’s enough. Maybe one day when ilvls are higher, I’ll work up the courage to try A12 again. But at this point, I really have no desire to go back, and not even the lure of i250 drops are that enticing.

Of course, by now day’s standards, my skills at the game have improved so much that I doubt (once I was informed of the mechanics) A12 would be something to fear. It really was nothing to fear unsynced at level 90, for sure.

I just found it funny that after 8 years, I returned (as I said I would) and beat the mounts out of Savage Alex!

So, if you don’t already have the mounts, have nothing better to do while waiting for Dawntrail, and have at least one other level 90 friend who doesn’t mind, give unsynced Alex Savage a go. There’s mounts waiting for you. And some of the gear glam is pretty neat, too.

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