July 2024 Archives

FFXIV: Leveling to 100 in Dawntrail

Posted on July 22

Enough time has passed since the release of Dawntrail, and I feel it’s time enough to start talking about my post-MSQ experiences with the expansion. At the beginning of the month, I set down a few goals that I’ve been steadily making my way towards, just a little each day.

Festival of Blogging - Blaugust 2024 is on the Way!

Posted on July 15

It’s almost that time of year again, when the blogging corner of the internet opens the invitation for new and returning bloggers to jump back in and join the fun! Blaugust is about learning how to start your own blog, or dusting off that blog that you haven’t visited in a while, all while making friends and finding other bloggers to support your explorations.

New Laptop - ASUS ROG Strix G16

Posted on July 9

A little over a week ago, I finally broke down and purchased a new gaming laptop. I’ve been trying to avoid doing this for years, even buying a nice Samsung tablet three years back, hoping it could take the place of a laptop completely.

FFXIV: My Dawntrail Challenge Log

Posted on July 5

While I did finish the Dawntrail MSQ early this morning, I’m not going to talk about that just yet. Because I have something more important to talk about – what I’m going to be working on in the future!

FFXIV: A Weekend in Dawntrail (No Spoilers)

Posted on July 1

I was very ready for Dawntrail early access to drop last Friday, having taken that day, and the rest of this week, off for vacation to explore the expansion. Syn and I have been making our way through at a much slower pace than we consumed Shadowbringers and Endwalker.