March 2024 Archives

Finding Unexpected Treasure from an Ebay Auction

Posted on March 28

I’ve been talking about buying physical media for both Switch games and CDs lately, and I have a new story to share of my adventures. I previously mentioned the band, Celtus, which is one of my favorites from years ago. I’d not be surprised if you’ve not heard of them as their last album released in 2001, and they are no longer a band (sadly).

Nintendo Switch – My Final Fantasy Console

Posted on March 27

It’s somewhat ironic that my Nintendo Switch has become the ultimate Final Fantasy console for me. I remember a time, during the Playstation era, when Nintendo and Square had a falling out. Nintendo systems did not have a Final Fantasy game on them for a good while after that. So, the fact that Switch has almost every mainline title in the series, aside from some of the newer ones, is just a lovely thing to see.

OSRS: A Weekend in RuneScape

Posted on March 26

When I last left off in my RuneScape journey, I discussed some of my minor frustrations and stumbling blocks as a new player working my way into the new world of Old School RuneScape. I also talked about some of the wins and discoveries I made that helped make up for it all.

Why I’m Buying Physical Media in 2024

Posted on March 25

Like some of you reading this, I grew up in an age before digital music, video games, and streaming content. I was used to collecting game cartridges, VHS tapes (later DVDs), and music CDs. I’m a bit of a pack rat, so most of the physical media I owned through the years, I still have.

FFXIV: Dawntrail Release Date and Pre-order

Posted on March 24

During yesterday’s PAX East presentation, we got a slew of information about Dawntrail that we’ve been waiting for. Specifically, the release date, pre-order dates, and what kind of digital goodies we’ll be getting. Looks like the theme is going heavy on Final Fantasy IX – which is no surprise, but very welcome given FFIX is my second favorite game in the series.

OSRS: Newcomer’s Adventures in RuneScape – Days 2 and 3

Posted on March 23

When I left off in Old School RuneScape, I was working on the Path quests provided by Adventurer Jon. These asked me to reach level 5, then level 10 in certain skills. I realized after taking a better look at the Path window that the Path quests also included archer and magic skills. So it was time to work on those!

OSRS: First Time Exploring Old School RuneScape

Posted on March 21

As of late, I’ve really had a hankering for playing something a little more old school. At first, I looked at my current main MMO – FFXIV – to see what elements I could glean from it that would scratch my itch. I’m sure there are activities there, and still lots I have yet to do, but something about this itch was really searching for true old school.

FFXIV: Finishing Those Skybuilders’ Crafting Relic Tools

Posted on March 14

Yes, I’m aware these are last expansion’s crafting relic tools. Yes, I know it’s been over 2 years since the Skybuilders’ Tools have released. Yes, I’ve had Skysung relics taking up space in my retainer inventory all this time.

Sims 4 – Green Life (Bad to Good Challenge)

Posted on March 11

Almost a year ago, I posted about a family I was playing in Sims 4 where you take a rather bad looking Sim and see how many generations it takes for there to be a good looking Sim in their family line. I was pleased with how his daughter, the first generation out, turned out.

No Man’s Sky: Omega Community Expedition

Posted on March 6

With the newest patch, Omega, No Man’s Sky also released Community Expedition 12. The Expedition started on Feb 15, and will run for 5 weeks – so you probably still have time to get in there and get it done if you haven’t already. It took Syn and I a chunk of a weekend to get all the milestones completed, so it’s still very do-able at this point.

Nekoweb – New Free HTML Web Host

Posted on March 3

While I’m an avid user of Neocities, and I don’t plan on making a move to a different host until I really must, I wanted to highlight a new free web host that I’ve heard about lately. This host is named Nekoweb, which you can find at