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Steam Personal Challenge Update 1


Progress on my Steam Personal Challenge!

I issued the personal challenge just a little over a week ago, and was pleased to see other bloggers getting on board with it! Good luck to all of you who were inspired to tackle that gaming back log. It really is do-able if you try!

My new Steam stats are:

* *Worth:* $1261.18 ($426.06 with sales)

* *Games owned:* 88

* *Games not played:* 59 **(67%)**

* *Hours spent:* 243.8h

I want to note that since my last stat report, I added 4 new games (one of which was a freebie). But I still have knocked my percentage not played down from 71% to 67%!

Not bad! 

Games I Played



My review here. 

My review here. 


Addicted. My review here.


Yes, I finally did play Portal! A clever game, though not something I’d normally play. I haven’t finished it (15 of 19), but I might come back to it again to see if I can.

Time: 1.7 hours


My review here. 


I’ve actually played it longer than what’s on file, but it isn’t showing for whatever reason. We tried this one co-op. The game’s cute and fun, but after being spoiled by Starbound, we’re finding it hard to get into it. I have a feeling we’ll stick with Starbound.

Time: 1.1 reported by Steam, but 5 hours reported by Raptr


Not technically part of the Steam challenge since I’ve already played this series up until the last release. Just catching up on the episode that came out in May (which I had no idea about for whatever reason).

Time: 1.7 hours (Again, this is way too low…)

For those of you taking the Steam Challenge, how’s it going?

Have you discovered any unexpected gems?



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7 thoughts on “Steam Personal Challenge Update 1

  1. PORTALLLLLL ❤ It hurts my brain so good!
    Huh, I find Terraria a lot easier than Starbound. But then to be fair I've only played Starbound for five minutes before giving up in frustration because my brother couldn't connect to my server.


    1. I found Terraria harder than Starbound because ore is not as available as it is in Starbound. Though, Starbound does have other hazards, such as hunger, freezing, acid rain, meteors… I was surprised when I didn’t starve to death in Terraria! XD


  2. Woot! Try to finish Portal! The song that plays during the credits is a hoot.

    Been cutting back on Steam these couple of days, to pay more attention to GW2 again, and also to pace my XCOM playing at a speed that my Let’s Play posts can keep up with.

    I have a hunch that will change when July 8 rolls around. Episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us is slated for release then and is an absolute must-play-immediately for me. And I’ve been getting an urge to play Don’t Starve again and revisit Shadowrun for the DLC content, so should be back to Steam SOON(TM).


    1. I’d really like to try The Wolf Among Us. I’m a huge fan of their Walking Dead series! Is it recommended? 🙂

      I’d also love to pick up Don’t Starve again. I’m sure there’s been updates since I last played it.


      1. Personally, I loved The Wolf Among Us a lot more than Telltale’s Walking Dead series.

        I found the whole ‘can’t win’ dilemma, overrun by zombies and folks giving up humanity left and right just to survive themes rather depressing in Walking Dead.

        YMMV, but Wolf Among Us is more comic-book stylized, sort of Sin City detective noir meets fairy tale urban fantasy. The characters, to me, have more personality than those in Walking Dead, whose shtick just seems to be ordinary person in extraordinary situation.

        So yeah, I would recommend it a lot.


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