ArcheAge – F2P is NOT for the Casuals


Note: This article is aimed towards F2P folks who want to play the sandbox elements of the game, and not for those who are playing to PVP. 

I spent pretty much all weekend playing ArcheAge — mostly afraid to log out due to queues. Also, needing as much labor points as possible. I worked my main up to level 21 and completed several of the trading quests in order to get my donkey (such a loooong quest for a F2P player). I also rolled an alt on one of the new servers to experience life on the East side.

In all of this, I’ve come to one conclusion: If you’re a casual player who has only a few hours to give this game here or there, the F2P model may not be for you. If all you want to do is quest and PvP, you’ll probably be fine. If you’re interested in the sandboxy crafting, gathering, farming, building, fishing, etc… you’re going to have a much more difficult time. This is all due to the labor system.

The Labor System

In AA, everything revolves around the labor system.

Want to open that loot bag? Costs labor.

Want to feed your animals? Costs labor.

Want to harvest your crops? Costs labor.

Want to make and turn in a trade pack? Costs labor.

Want to report that bot? Yeah. That costs labor. (Though I heard you get labor back if it’s a legit report.)

About the only thing that doesn’t cost labor is questing and PvP. But to me, questing is just a way to gain experience while I wait for my labor to regenerate.

How do you get labor? It replenishes over time.

If you’re a Patron (paying player), you earn 10 labor points every 5 mins while you’re logged in, and 5 labor points every 5 mins when you’re logged out.

If you’re F2P… you get nothing when you’re not logged in. You get 5 labor points every 5 mins when you’re logged in.

You can also purchase Worker Compensation potions from the in-game store for real cash, or spend your gold to buy it in the auction house from someone who bought it for real cash. You can only use one of these every 12 hours per character, and this can get really costly over time if you’re income is low (which it may be due to the fact that labor is capped at 2000 points and only replenishes when you’re online).

That part of it left a bad taste in my mouth being obviously Pay to Win, and going against the idea of playing this game for free. Again, it follows the Farmville or mobile app mentality of wait for points to replenish, or pay money not to have to wait.

What does that mean for the causal player?

My new donkey, Zemi. :)
My new donkey, Zemi. 🙂

If you only have an hour or two to toss at this game, and you’re F2P, you’re not going to have squat when it comes to labor points. I was logged in for as much as I could be over this weekend, because I started to feel the squeeze on my points when I began my trading quests. At first, I didn’t realize how fast it was going. Oh… mining a node? That’s 10 points here or there. Looting a bag? That’s 2 points here or there. Crafting that armor, which is part of a quest… that was 100 points a pop!

At the end of the night, I crafted up my trading pack for my donkey quest… made it all the way to my destination and found out I didn’t have enough points to turn it in! So… all I could do was stand around and wait for them to regen (about 20 mins for me), so I could simply complete a quest. That was frustrating!

I quickly saw how this works. I wanted to craft some hereafter stones so I could warp around rather than spend so much time on the road. Only… that would cost me at least 50 points… which is 50 mins of waiting. That means I have to travel everywhere by mount, which takes much, much longer. I stopped mining nodes and looting bags because I just didn’t have the extra labor points. I needed to save it for harvesting my crops and animals… and then make sure I have the 60 to make my next trade pack and 60 more for the turn in.

The trade pack alone is 2 hours worth of being logged in.

I decided I wanted to try my hand at fishing. Except, to fish I need worms. You’d think this would be a simple thing, but no. To get worms, you have to process seed packs on the farmer’s workbench. A farmer’s workbench requires you to own land. Can’t own land if you’re F2P. Yes… I could pay the extraorinarly high fee to buy them from the auction house, but I’m hardly making the gold as it is.

So no fishing for me, either! (Each time you cast the rod, that’s 5 labor points, btw…)

This whole labor point system feels like a glorified MMO version of Farmville. Yes. I said it. But it’s the truth.

I’m enjoying the game… but the F2P aspect is crippling to me based on the way I’d like to play it. No land for a personal farm means running all over the continent to use public farms (if they have room), and being limited in how much I can grow. No teleportation means I spend most of my time running around taking care of crops for trade packs and not leveling. Low labor means I’m limited in what I can do unless I try to stay logged in as long as I can. Over the weekdays, that’s not viable for me.

My solution (the only solution I can see): I splurged for a month of Patron status. Yes… yes, I did. I figured if I’m going to play this game and give it a fair shake, I need to not feel crippled by the limitations it places on me with F2P. I’m giving Trion a month to capture me. If I progress and feel like there’s just not much to it later on, then I’ll at least know I tried it out to the fullest.

Queues are still a pain… I’m sitting in one right now after switching from one server to another. But they’re working on getting them under control. They opened new servers (I actually got a garden plot on Lucius!) and they locked down character creation in most of the original servers. We’ll see if Patron status gets me in more quickly or not.

Update on My ArcheAge Progress, And Why I Eventually Left


    1. I’ve played F2P games that hold things over your head trying to nudge you into subbing. So, I know what you’re talking about. Games like EQ2 and such never pushed it this far, though.

      In this game, you simply can’t DO much of anything (except questing) once your labor points run out. That’s different from not being able to use the auction house or having a gold cap or limited bag space. That’s completely limiting content, or the amount of content you can do, based on how long you can be logged into the game.

      For a person who only has a few hours to log in here or there (if they can get past the queue), it’s not going to fly. Unless all you want is a PvP endgame, which I’m not interested in at all.

      1. I think we can agree that no ‘F2P’ game is truly free, simply because there’s costs of development and running an MMO that need to be somehow recovered. I’ve seen a few different implementations, from GW2’s ‘buy to play’ to LotrO’s more ‘nickle and dime’ approach, both of which I found very casual friendly. But with a labour system like this, off-line labour accumulation is especially interesting for the more casual players. So why not put a cap on labour for F2P players instead, which can be raised or removed through cash shop purchases? Or is it possible to purchase additional labour (which you could see as a pay-per-playtime rather than pay per month)

        Well, I’ve read somewhere (excuse me for not having a link available) that the game was designed for a subscribtion model. This makes sense to me, as that’s the one way to keep things fair between players in an MMO like this. Perhaps they’ve designed it this way in the hopes of getting as many subscribing players as possible.

        Either way, I applaud you making the investment of trying out the game’s subscription model and I look forward to your findings.

        1. Oh, there’s a cap on labor, too. It’s 2000 total points for a F2P, 5000 points for Patron.

          I doubt I’ll ever hit it, though, as last night I burned through over 300 points in a few hours just casually doing stuff I’d normally do.

          So far, I’m much more content with having more points to use. I can actually do things like mine and have my own garden now!

    1. Yes, there is. They’ve actually made it more strict over this weekend, meaning it’ll kick you out faster than it did before.

      There’s a lot of issues with AFKers in this game taking up slots on the server and trying to get around the log out. It only lends to the long queue times. It’s quite messy as you already pointed out.

  1. Hi Aywren

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I have a few comments to make:

    – You state F2P will be fine for questing and PvP. The very point of ArcheAge is PvP; whilst it’s fair to say not everyone playing the game will do so, I think it’s unfair to label F2P as not good for casuals, when you’ve openly stated it’s probably sufficient for PvP.

    – Workers potions, or lack of their mention. I’m not sure how much you’ve looked into the game, so please forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know: you can buy workers potions off the auction house, usually for 3-6 gold, and these give you 1000lp, with a 12 hour cooldown. The cooldown is character specific, so you can use them on all of your characters, which will boost your shared lp considerably. As a F2P I believe you get 2 characters. This means every 12 hours you can boost your LP by 2000 – which is 4000 a day. Although your labor cap for F2P is 2000, you can see by using worker potions you can get around this.

    – You can also buy Apex off the auction house, usually around 30 gold. Two of these will buy you Patron for a month, giving you all of the benefits a paying player has, without paying, including offline labor regeneration (and house and farm owning).

    I’ll be very happy to talk to you more about what I’ve mentioned above, and even help with making enough gold to buy those items.

    1. Hey there, Tom! Thanks for pointing these things out. Let me respond to your thoughts, if I may!

      Please keep in mind the folks I’m writing to are people who want to play the sandbox elements of this game and only have a few hours here or there to spare. This is also aimed towards people who are new and are trying AA for the first time with no idea on advanced ways to make gold.

      Example: It took me many hours to complete my trade runs to get my donkey (West faction). I had no personal farm, so this included a LOT of traveling time between public farms, etc. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to find time to do any of this — it might have taken me a full week to complete. This weekend, however, I just happened to have the time to spend to knock these quests out.

      Responses! 🙂

      1 – Yep, I did say in the intro that if you want to PVP, this game is probably fine. Believe it or not, there’s some of us who aren’t here to PVP. In fact, if I can avoid it, I never will PVP (I’ll probably get ganked, though).

      I’m here because I’m looking for a robust sandbox game with farming, fishing, building, housing and trading. I even rolled on the RP server hoping that more like-minded non-PVP folks were around. So, in the case of this article, I did state that this was aimed more towards people like me who just want to sandbox.

      2 – That’s true! There are labor potions! However, to get them, you either have to cash shop, which isn’t F2P, or you have to have the gold to use them to begin with. For someone with limited time on their hands like myself, I’m looking at something like 5-6 gold on my highest level character. Purchasing labor potions is not going to be sustainable on my budget with the time I have to play.

      To be fair, to make money, you have to invest time. This article is aimed towards folks who only have a hour here or there on their hands to play. This is tough right now, especially with the queues. I might just have enough time to log in and tend my crops/animals. Then, if I’m lucky, I might have enough time for a trade run the next night. So I’m not making money very quickly.

      I’m fine with that. I’m not impatient and I know that my limited time is just a reality of gaming. But that means what little time I am logged in, since I’m gaining labor so slowly, all my labor goes only to those trade packs or tending crops/animals.

      – Yep. That’s true, too! Again, you have to have the gold to afford Apex. And if you don’t have a lot of time to log in, it’s harder to make that gold, as stated above.

      If you have some tips on how to make gold for someone who can only spare an hour or two here or there (not even every night), that would be great! It might make for a good article, even! I know I could benefit from that kind of info.

      1. Thanks for the responses Aywren.

        I think an issue we have here is one that is common to all MMOs (and maybe all games?). In your infancy you’re simply not aware of how to do things – you have to learn. I was lucky to be involved in the Alpha, and so my beginnings upon release were smoother.

        I remember when I first started playing Rift. I saw the prices of some of the items on the auction house, going for hundreds of platinum! I couldn’t even imagine how these people earned that amount of money. But a few months into the game and I have a few thousand platinum, for relatively little work.

        And so it is with ArcheAge.

        To make money you need to find a niche, something you’re comfortable doing, and which makes money. Personally, I like to mine. I can do this casually on my laptop while I watch TV, and an hours work can net me 8-10gold. If I’m on my PC and actively mining, I can make a lot more, maybe 20 gold an hour.

        I also hunt for logs, which can be very profitable. I spent an hour in the Silent Forest and made about 15 gold.

        Other people craft. I admit I’m not an expert crafter, but look at items which are in demand – mana regen is a good example. The soups, the potions, the drinks. Look what you need to craft these, look at what you can buy from the auction house (the items themselves + the items needed to craft) and do some calculations.

        You may be a casual player of ArcheAge, but the longer you play, the more you’ll learn. Give it a month, and I’ll wager 1 silver that you’ll look back at your comment about 5 gold for a workers potion, and you’ll laugh.

        And speaking of your last comment; why don’t you make money-making a feature for your blog? Have this as your project. Set a goal. Maybe the goal can be “Becoming a Patron as a F2P player”. Getting a house, and a farm, etc. That’ll be a great read!

        1. Thanks so much for the tips Tom! You have some great ideas there!

          I do admit that I like to do a lot of different things, so my labor probably went all over the place when I did have it. I don’t know the game well, and that makes it more difficult to focus and make money. I don’t think money making was really at the front of my mind — I just wanted to get a feel of what the sandbox and questing elements of this game were.

          I do want to note that for the new folks like myself, I can see this being the standard feeling of a F2P sandbox gamer in this world. Options might be out there, but they aren’t obvious. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. I can foresee F2P folks without someone to direct them may not stick around… or those who just want to try it out decide early on it’s not for them for these reasons.

          I’ll take you up on some of your suggestions. It’d be really cool to be able to fund a sub on in game gold, if that’s possible on the time I have to play. I do enjoy things like mining and gathering, and I actually like the travel element of trade runs. I’d love to be involved with fishing eventually, as well.

          Thanks again for your time and thoughts. I’ll be sure to post again with progress!

      2. I, too, am one of those people who aren’t into pvp and who tries to avoid it. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t play much mmo’s. (Though not the only reason.) I kinda find it annoying to have my character randomly killed by some jerk that I did nothing to, especially when there is no limits put on pvp in the game. Even if there are limits and a certain arena only to go to for pvp (such as in Diablo 3, though I haven’t been on in a few months since I had bought a bunch of other games), I don’t really participate. I’d much rather focus more on the cooperative aspects of gaming or just go it alone unbothered by others. So I do find it helpful to know how much a game focuses more or less on pvp and competitions.

        1. While I’m normally not a big PvP fan, I see more merits for it in this game than in many others. Allowing others players to take up antagonistic roles as bandit or pirate adds some dynamics and uncertainty. For example, trade runs might start to feel grindy rather quickly if there’s no element of risk involved. Unlike many other MMO’s I’ve played, there’s something to fight for in PvP.

          One criterion that I think is very important here is the ability to escape from overwhelming odds, even with your trade pack. PvP is no fun if the outcome is set before it’s even started. It can feel like an exhilarating victory to escape from assailants by outsmarting them. Sadly, many games make this impossible by offering faster mounts to higher level players and little in the way of hiding, if you don’t play a stealth class. Which leaves me wondering: How does AA do this?

        2. I’m not a PVPer at all. However, I think AA has a fairly balanced PVP system and provides options for those who don’t want to get involved in PVP. PVP only starts in level 30 and above zones. As factions fight in a zone, it increases in Danger level until it breaks out into full War.

          After War, there’s a peace period in that zone where no PVP takes place. So that’s a good time to get quests done. Peace time usually lasts a few hours, so you have some wiggle room.

          If you don’t want to PVP, you can level up through crafting and gathering. That isn’t super viable for F2P folks because of the limits on labor points, however.

          Here’s a Reddit thread that discusses PVP in more detail:

          Oh, and yeah. Stealth. Everything I build is going to use the Shadowplay line so I can have stealth to get away from potential issues. This isn’t so bad, though, because it’s a pretty awesome CC/DPS line that supplements my playstyle well. I’m very pleased with the builds on both of my characters so far.

    2. Actually labor pots are 50 to 100 gold each now. Tax certs are about 400 Gold for 100. (40 per 10). I ended my sub because I could no longer afford the taxes on my lands. Honestly I think the only people who own land are those who can afford 20$-30$ a week in tax certs from the market. (This was in 2015).

  2. I agree isn’t for those of us who want to enjoy the game before 2015. The questing is …terrible. I mean there’s regular old boring questing and then there’s AA, where 9 out of 10 quests is to go talk to another NPC. Let’s not even talk about elite and limited quests. It’s like they didn’t even try.

    F2P players can have a maximum of 2000 LP. If you play 2-3 sessions a week for 2-3 hours, you’ll earn about that much in a month. Sure, you can spend money to buy LP, but my point still stands: if you want to do F2P, you’ll be waiting a long, long, long time to do anything, from opening the loot you find on monsters to completing quests. LP is effectively the least fun thing about the game and you have to have to do anything.

    1. I agree — the questing is nothing I couldn’t do somewhere else at a better quality. I mostly see questing as a means to get the levels to do the content I actually want to do — the sandboxy stuff. I just ignore the elite quests after I discovered what they were.

      The problem I have is, the sandboxy stuff, which is all I want to do, is heavily gated by the labor point system. As you noted, it takes a very long time to do anything with the points you scrounge if you’re F2P.

      This made me sad as I only just wanted to try this game casually. I quickly discovered this AA wasn’t going to support my casual play style unless I subbed. Or unless I was happy about being able to mine one node every 10 mins.

  3. If you join a big friendly guild there help you to trade runs and in a few day you can receive few hundred gold. This game is base on large guild building a community and archiving goals from farming fishing PvP arena and more. If you just a solo player there no point in this mmo. There will be people like me who camp people for 4 hours plus for fun.

  4. i myself is a F2P player in archeage~
    i didn’t play through close beta and only played around 3 weeks~
    from that 3 weeks i have my patron via APEX~ and 2 small farm~
    i did it all by playing with no help~


    i don’t think you judged the game fairly~
    the labor system is a good system that maintain the economy of the game~
    though there is also some element that is dislikeable in archeage it isn’t fair that you judge the game especially the labor system so harshly without pointing its good points~ more over you only play one or two hour a day for a week~ which means you haven’t explore the game fully yet~
    it just sound like a kid rambling about not being able to access lvl cap content because they can’t hit the cap lvl~~

    1. I have logged more than 200 hours into ArcheAge since launch. I think I know quite a bit about the sandbox experience and limitations. Please check my Raptr account if you really need proof.

      If you took the time to look through my other articles, I have said many good things about ArcheAge. That doesn’t mean that I think the labor system is a good one, no matter how many other elements of the game are well done.

      As a Patron, I still don’t have enough labor to do all the things I want to do without using labor potions. Several weeks into playing, I stand by my assessment that LP is a poor system, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time to remain logged in.

      A F2P friend of mine made the same complaint last night, and yet another friend went Patron because they had the same issue. I’m not the only one who doesn’t like this system. It’s basically the same system that Facebook games use to keep people from progressing too quickly and encourages them to pull out their wallets to alleviate frustration. It’s all about the money.

      When it costs 10 LPs to mine one ore node and you only gain 5 LPs every 5 mins of being logged on, that means you can only mine 6 iron nodes an hour. Only if you remain logged in. Something’s wrong there. Even a kid can do that kind of math and see the F2P system is not a good one for people who want to play the sandbox elements of this game.

    2. The economy is shot to hell these days, the labor point system is now a severe hindrance, not an asset. Especially with tax certs being 4-10 gold a “Piece”. You’d be lucky to make 500g a week as a casual, even with patron….

  5. I think you are missing the point of the labor system. It’s there precisely to stop you from progressing through trading/crafting too quickly.

    Just imagine that the labor system was nonexistent.

    First off, with a pretty small investment, you could have any armor crafting proficiency at maximum level. You can google how to do this whenever you want.

    Second, without labor, the amount of gold that could be injected into the game from trade packs would be staggering. Currently you need 120 labor per trade run. Even if you get the absolute maximum labor points possible per day as a patron (6 characters all drinking 2 labor potions per day plus labor regeneration of being online the Entire time) you are only able to get 14880 labor per day. That’s a HUGE amount, but that’s still only good enough to make and turn in 124 trade packs that day. That’s if you do nothing else. As you’re also probably farming the materials and buying/selling things on the auction house (yep, that costs labor too!) let’s say that’s 100 trade packs per day.
    You’ll make a lot of gold. But with the shortest trade runs, you’ll only get about a 4 gold profit per pack. So you’ve made 400 gold and that’s all you can make per day. With unlimited labor, you could keep going to whatever the maximum could be.
    And if you’re wondering how that could be possible, all it would take is a friend that’s willing to help with a merchant ship. You could take 21 packs per trip and turn in 100 trade packs in less than 3 hours depending on route.

    Oh, and unlimited labor would also make this game much more into the dreaded “Pay to Win” as people could buy APEX, sell them, and use the gold to craft the best things in game with no real effort.

    There are ways to make lots of money as F2P. You completely ignore the ability to plant outside of public farms. Yea, people can take your stuff, but depending on what you plant, you can make major money.

    That’s what I did to get patron. I leveled up to 30, then took all my money that I’ve saved and went and planted 100 potatoes at a time on top of a mountain. Potatoes are very cheap to buy and they mature in only 10 minutes. After I got 1000 potatoes (only a half hour), I looked at how much they were selling for on the Auction House and then used Trade Chat to sell mine for a little less, since I couldn’t use the Auction House yet.

    I did this about 5 times and was able to afford 2 apex for patron. After which I could sell the potatoes on the Auction.

    Planting that many potatoes does use a lot of labor. But if you actually take a few days to level a character up with quests and DON’T use labor to mine/open purses or make that pointless armor that costs 100 labor apiece(Hereafter stones are worth it) …. You’ll have plenty saved up. Limited labor is supposed to make you think before you use it. If you’re unable to think what’s better, saving the labor or mining…

    Anyway. The strategy for selling potatoes is much less profitable than it was when I did it, right after release when the demand was insane and people were selling APEX for super cheap. But it’s still doable. And still profitable. It’s also boring, but perhaps a couple hours of boredom are worth it in the long run.

    1. It makes sense economically… but I think ‘Wren’s problem is, she only wants to play for the sandbox elements. She’s not really in it for the economy or the questing. So when her ability to build and craft is limited, it annoys her since that’s what she’s playing for. Is that correct, ‘Wren?

      1. Yep, that’s pretty much my point. And it’s even more limiting when you’re F2P. I’d be content to fish unlimitedly, even if I didn’t get any return to it, just because I like doing it.

        A month or so later, I continue to stand by my thoughts that LP are frustrating and limit game play, even at the Patron level. If they needed to curb leveling and economic earnings, they should have chosen to do it in another way. This is the only MMO I’ve ever played where I’ve had to stop doing something I was enjoying doing because the game forces me to stop.

        Personally, I think the limitations on labor makes the game Pay To Win since the only way to get more LP aside from waiting is to pay the cash store for potions (aside from that one you can get from loyalty points every now and then).

        1. That’s the thing though. There are ways to make the gold required to never spend a penny of real money on this game. It’s not fun to plant all those potatoes, its tedious and the constant risk of all your work being found and stolen (while quite low for potatoes) is still there.

          Even getting the maximum amount of labor per day, the 14,880 that I mentioned above, is still very limiting.

          In the end, archeage is a Korean grind mmo. It’s made for the grind, the real-time regenerating points are a proven system for keeping interest in a game.

          It would be nice to just be able to do what you want in a game, but while the majority of players would use that to just play and enjoy the game, the remainder would use that to run this game into the ground. What happens when the smallest thing costs 100 times more than it should due to over saturation of in game gold?

          The only change to the labor system that needs to be made in my opinion, would be that the offline labor regeneration for patrons should match the online regeneration. If I’ve paid the money, I shouldn’t be made to try to keep playing all day. There is absolutely no reason to change the f2p labor generation system. Sorry. But you’re not making trion anything. Why should your needs be a priority?

          Please don’t tell me that you’d be content with playing the fishing mini game all day with no rewards. It’s fun, but gets boring quite quickly. The gold you can make is what makes it fun.

          Let me close with this. Yes, the game has a free to play option. But keep in mind, if you start as a f2p, Trion makes no money from you. And they are a business. So for you to get patron status, someone else has to pay real money for those APEX. For you to farm/fish/trade all day requires someone to buy credits and use them to get labor potions. Then, even if you personally didn’t spend any money on cash shop items, you’re contributing to the demand for them, so you keep people buying them.

          Nothing in life is truly free. Why do you expect for this amazing video game to be just given to you?

        2. No, I never once said I expected to get everything for free. I even stated that I went Patron, despite what I see as a major flaw in the game’s system.

          I agree that it’s a Korean grind MMO. I’m not asking for anything to change.

          The point of the post above, which is what I’d like to bring this conversation’s focus back to: I feel, in my opinion, that if you are a casual gamer with a few hours to game, and you wish to play the sandbox elements of this game, that the labor system will make it difficult to enjoy. Therefore the game may not be for you.

          That’s pretty much the whole point. I it doesn’t matter whether I mentioned how to make gold, or ways to get around it. You still have to have the time to plant and harvest all those potatoes. I doubt a casual person is going to be doing that. Labor potions or not, the fundamental system is not friendly to a casual player, especially if they choose to be F2P.

          That’s my thought on it, and I really don’t see me changing my mind no matter how much someone else wants to debate whether LP are good or not. In the end, this was an opinion piece, and you’re free not to agree. I just know what it feels like from a casual’s point of view, and I don’t see AA as casual friendly in this respect.

        3. The limitation on labor as design by a Korean developer is due to the differences in time spent gaming, You see unlike in America, in Korea people actually die, from playing video games (Look it up). So the developers put things like this in to force their players to stop and take a break.

          While this strategy is unneeded in America and the West. it is what it is.

  6. That’s fair. The game requires a significant investment of labor in order to be profitable.

    The only way I could see being a casual player in ArcheAge and being able to do absolutely anything that involves labor is to purchase Patron. At least with offline regeneration, there would be about 1500 labor to use during that couple hours of playtime per day.

    There are ways to make significant money even with 1500 labor to use. I went with the fishing route. And I used the 6 characters/12 labor pots route to get my proficiency up to 50000 in 4 days. But I’m not a casual player. As a casual player, it would take a couple months to get fishing up to 50k proficiency, but during that time you could still make significant gold.
    That’s the part you’re missing with fishing. You don’t mention sport fishing and focus on bait worm fishing. Bait worm fishing is a gold sink or labor sink. However, sport fishing, even for freshwater sport fish…
    Let me break it down just for freshwater sport fish that can be safely done on inland peace zone lakes.
    You can start at 0 proficiency and all you need is your rowboat, bamboo fish rod and yellow lures. You can catch small fish in pools and sell them for 1.5 gold per fish. It costs 100 labor to cast and you get 100 vocation when you hook a fish. So with 1500 labor, you could cast 15 times, say hook and catch 8 times. That’ll make you 800 vocation badges to buy yellow lures with (they’re only 20 each) and aboit 12 gold in fish.

    1. And I completely forgot to actually include the real profit here.

      If you join a guild that wants to help you (and they do exist) fish.

      You could be going out on the ocean to catch your 8-15 small fish per day.

      Each small sailfish sells for 7g. Each small marlin sells for 9g.

      So you have potential to make 60-100 gold per day just with your 1500 offline labor and beginner fishing rod.

      Once you do spend the time to get your proficiency up to 30k, you’ll be catching medium and large fish as well. They cost the same labor to cast, but they also sell for a lot more.
      Best seller in the game is the large marlin. For 36-40 gold per fish.
      So you could be using 1000 labor, if you’re lucky, catching 3 large marlin and mediums and smalls, and making up to 300-400 gold per day.

      Which will pay for your patron status. And will buy you land. And whatever else you want.

      But it all starts with buying patron status at the beginning…

    2. In the end, that was my conclusion, too. To be casual, you almost have to be a Patron if you want to do labor-intensive sandboxy things. It feels like most of the gathering and crafting really require that.

      I am aware of these things about sport fishing. However, I didn’t talk about it (again) because making gold wasn’t the focus of this article.

      I mentioned gold making at the end of the article because someone in the comments was offering tips about making money through mining. The only reason gold came into the discussion was to suggest purchasing labor potions due to the fact that LPs are very hard for a casual F2P player to obtain.

      I thank you for your useful information, however it’s not what I was talking about in this article, which is why it’s not there. This was a first-impression article written a month ago for folks who are casual and considering playing AA for free, hoping to enjoy the labor-intensive sandbox elements.

      I’m sure it can be done. I won’t argue that. But I don’t think it’ll be very much fun. I just don’t see AA aimed at this type of player. I get the same feedback from casual F2P friends who are trying this game, so I think I was on the right track.

      Thanks for all your tips, though! I’m sure someone will benefit from them!

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