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ARK: Meet the Flintstones


Now that I’m shaking off the effects of Blaugust (I have the rest of this month’s posts queued to go on my other blog), I hope to get back to posting here more regularly. So, let’s start with last night’s ARK session.

The tribe wanted to restart the island and try a different starting location, so I learned how to wipe the server and we all started from scratch. This time, instead of naming the tribe myself (Ooga Booga), I took suggestions. And, well we became…


Though, most of us didn’t follow canon naming conventions. Just Mr. Barney Rubble pictured above. XD

This time, we were armed with more information about what to do and how to progress. We made our home between some hills and piranha-infested waters. I think we had more deaths to piranha than anything else last night. In fact, Syn (known as Rawr in this game) was on a mission of vengeance to make piranha an endangered species before the night was over.

I conducted impromptu animal taming lessons for the tribe, which resulted in a flock of tamed dodos outside our house. Over the course of the night, they obtained different names as tribe members learned they could rename other people’s pets.


We got lucky to set up camp near a consistent supply drop area. The first box gave us building materials that got our little house off to a good start. Help from the tribe built up the rest of it. Good enough base for now.


My ultimate goal of the night was to recapture my Para mount, Happy. I managed to tame one Para, but at a good distance away from the base. As I was leading her back to the camp, I heard the sound of battle music. Next thing I knew poor Happy was chow for a Carno.

This was the first time I’d run up against this kind of dino. It was big, mean and very aggressive, charging at me with its horn. I seriously thought I was dead, but somehow I managed to kill it with my spear… just a little life left to me. Looting it provided me with a ton of hides (which we needed for a bed), and the rest which I used to prepare a Para saddle for my next mount opportunity.

This happened sooner than I expected, when I caught a Para up against a cliff. I managed to tame it, take it home and saddle it up. Yes! Happy has returned!


One of the things I want to note is the amazing speed at which this development team is pumping out patches. This week alone has seen at least 3 patches that I know of, including two new dinos (not taking into account last week’s new creature addition). Updating the server takes a while, and there’s no way I’m even near experiencing any of this new content, but I’m not complaining at all.

We’ll see how this new tribe progresses, though it’ll probably be slowly since we have to gather together around work and other things.


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5 thoughts on “ARK: Meet the Flintstones

  1. They really pump out patches like mad, not that I’m complaining mind you, though they did release like two or three patches right after another so we had to restart the server for updates and do it again after a few minutes again XD

    Congrats on getting a Para again too =D


      1. Funny to say I wanted to start a little Ark series of posts as friends of mine are really building like crazy on our server XD

        You beat me to it though ;P

        Just a note: the dino that survived the longest amongst ours is a Dilo named Fred XD Just because he is such a derp sometimes =)


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