FF Record Keeper: A Quest for Golbez

Warning: FFIV gushing ahead. 🙂

Yesterday I blogged a bit about how I discovered the FF Record Keeper mobile app was holding a Man in Black event, where you can work through FFIV themed dungeons to recruit Tellah and eventually Golbez. I’ve had the app on my phone for a few weeks, but aside from doing the introduction, I haven’t put much time or thought into it. Until now.

The FFIV fan that I am, the event announcement instantly caught my attention. And beginning yesterday, I started leveling my butt off in order to reach the level 33 dungeon and eventually defeat Golbez so that he would join my party. Considering my team was pretty much the default starter team when I logged in yesterday, all hovering about level 3, this was a pretty crazy ride.

I found out that I really, really enjoy this app!

About FF Record Keeper

FFRK is a sprite-based mash-up of all the Final Fantasy games that exist. You enter dungeons from specific games to replay the highlights of the story and face down the bosses. Many of the bosses actually retain their original mechanics and tricks, which can be difficult to beat if you face them underleveled (like I did).

As you move through the stories, you unlock new characters from those realms, which you can build into your dream party. For example, Cloud is a character you unlock pretty early on, almost right out of the tutorial. I also unlocked Kain and Rydia as I played through the FFIV scenarios.

There are quests (that I just discovered) that you can take to award extra goodies. And there are events, like this one, that unlock limited time characters – though I read that these events cycle around, so if you missed it before, you can get it again later.

So What’s the Catch?

No free mobile app can go without some kind of transactions and timer. The catch is that every step of the dungeon burns stamina, which restores over time on its own.  I haven’t felt too restricted by this timer, and there’s a lot of playtime you get out of a full stamina bar.

The transactions in game center around the Relic items – special legendary armor and weapons you get from a roulette. You get one free daily relic roll, but if you want to the good stuff, you have to either spend your mythril (which you earn slowly in game) or purchase coins for a chance at relic weapons.

These relics seem really nifty, but I don’t feel like you absolutely need them to enjoy the game. So, while it’s a temptation, I don’t feel pressured to spend money to progress in this game, which is good.

My Long Road to Golbez

While I came to the game as a total noob yesterday, I did a lot of learning about how to upgrade items, hone magic, and create new magic spells. It was quite a crash course – the game actually has a lot of neat collecting and leveling features to it. So, while there’s complexity, it was simple enough for me to wrap my head around, even though I totally didn’t realize there were quests until today.

I did power level a base party to the low 20s since yesterday. It was a fun trip down memory lane, moving through the highlights of FFIV and beating many of the major events.

We faced down Kain in the crystal room. Kain vs Kain!

Baigan and Kainazzo in Baron.

Gave the Dark Elf a what-for.

And eventually made it to Zot, though it was level 29, and I was only level 20, and beat down the Sisters and Valvalis.

It took a few tries to get through the Dwarven Castle, since that was level 33, and Calbrina was super tough! I really couldn’t have made it through most of this without the help of the additional heroes you could call upon. A level 54 Sabin burned them to the ground with an AOE flame attack. He also helped take down Golbez and the Shadow Dragon.

I did let Tellah get a little revenge on Golbez during the fight, just so he wouldn’t grouch too much about having to party with Golbez later.

So, I did beat Golbez and recruit him to my party.

Interesting things. His boss battle notes that he’s weak to fire (which was true of the old game, too). XD

He can use all black magic abilities, being a “Magus,” but can’t equip sage robes for some reason. He can, however, wear all the armor that fighter-type characters can. He can also use not just the mage’s rod as a weapon, but has access to daggers, swords, cat claws, and apparently his relic weapon is the Rune Axe (which grants him a soul break that summons the Shadow Dragon).

Not only that, but he stands in the front row in the party formation. Poor Tellah is now the dedicated healer of the group. XD

The More You Know Moment: Gaelicats (which I love in FFXIV) originated in FFV! I noticed them when I was fighting through the FFV dungeons. Even though I played this game years and years ago, somehow I didn’t remember this.