FFXIV: White Mage Accomplishments

It seems that some folks in my FC were surprised to see me leveling my White Mage on Zuri this weekend. It’s no wonder, considering I usually main DPS and sometimes fiddle around with Tanking on the side. But the truth is, when I rolled Zuri over two years ago, she started out as a Conjurer.

Zuri, back in September, 2013.

I got to about level 32 on White Mage before I realized that Duty Finder and PUG groups was going to be a way of life in FFXIV. Since I was already nervous about grouping with strangers, I decided that it was probably a bad idea to add to that by running dungeons a first time as a healer. So, that’s when I started leveling Bard.

I leveled White Mage on and off over the years, but she’s been sitting at level 40 White Mage for a few months now. Not only that, but I had a whole outfit of Daystar and Srycus Tower gear stashed on my retainer for the moment I finally achieved level 50 White Mage.

I’m not sure what motivated me to do that this weekend. I just started out by kicking around the FATEs at Dragonhead (sometimes joined by FC members). Though FATEs are a little slow on a holiday weekend, I still managed to get her to level 45 last night. I hadn’t really planned on pushing her to 50 today, but between FATES and a few level 49 quests in N. Thanalan, I took her five levels to finally hit 50.

Finally wearing those White Mage robes after all this time!

I finished up all her class quests and cleaned out retainer inventory big time. I’m glad to finally have that space back! And now, I can start leveling White Mage on Vanu quests and hunts! I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna level next, but I do have a level 39 Summoner and a level 40 Dragoon (with lots of stashed gear in the bank).

Level 50 – and the leveling has just begun!