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FFXIV Changes Its Mind – Bard Drops!


Someone must have been reading my complaint post on never seeing a relevant Bard drop from Weeping City and said, “Get that kitty a drop, stat!” Because after a month of getting nothing on my weekly Weeping City run, I finally, finally got the Bard chest piece from the run tonight.

I usually don’t do a second run in a week… cuz I don’t enjoy Weeping all that much. But I kept telling my FC that I would try it again, mostly in hopes of getting something.

I’d also accepted the fact that I was going to be taking Dragoon drops instead of Bard. That might have happened tonight except there wasn’t a single Dragoon drop this time. And when the Bard chest dropped from the final boss, I was so excited that I thought I’d accidentally passed on it. XD

I still think I’ll be gearing up my Dragoon on the side, however. And I do plan on getting my Deep Dungeon weapon for Dragoon (I’m at 27/27 as of tonight!). But it was nice to finally get some reward from all these runs I’ve done. I don’t feel so bad about passing those Dragoon boots earlier this week. 🙂


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