FFXIV: Help Me Pick a Class!

My alt, Zemi, is an Au Ra… again.

Similar to UltrViolet’s post about struggling with changing character appearance in FFXIV, I ran up against the same thing. I’d originally rolled Zemi as an Au Ra, but got into a funk where I thought I really, really wanted a Lalafell.

While I do like Lalafells, the longer I messed with Zemi in his new form, the more I missed his tall, lanky, overly proud previous-race. This is exactly why I saved Zemi’s character creation information. I had a second free Fantasia sitting in my inventory, and the other day, I ended switching him back.

But now on to the actual subject of this post… I’m having a whole lot of trouble figuring out what job to make Zemi. That’s the problem when you can play every class on one character. I’ve leveled so many of them to 60 now — and even leveled the same class twice between two characters!

It’s hard to get excited about playing an alt and going through all those forced story dungeons on an alt when you feel like you’ve already done it all before (twice). It doesn’t help that leveling roulette in FFXIV takes you back to all those old story dungeons, so you REALLY feel like you’ve done this a million times.

If I could just progress through this game without forced dungeons, I wouldn’t care what job I picked. But, alas, that cannot be.

Though I’ve removed the sprout icon next to his name, the game would still consider Zemi a new character. These are the jobs I’ve already leveled some:

So, I’ve unlocked Warrior and took Gladiator to 22 to get Provoke. I also started kicking around Arcanist with the thought of Summoner. But I don’t think I want to keep leveling a tank as his main job.

When I rolled Zemi as a Warrior, I didn’t have as many levels in tanking classes as I do now. Tai has a level 60 Paladin, a level 37 Warrior and a level 36 Dark Knight… Zuri has a level 30 Paladin and a level 36 Warrior, which I have been actively leveling. I really want to level a tank class on Zuri.

But most of all, I just don’t know if I want to go through all those story dungeons as a tank (I could always come back and level it later if I really wanted to). I’m a chicken. I know. But I haven’t played him in a long time, and I think this is the main reason why.

On the flip side, I feel that heavy armor looks best on Zemi. I dunno, I just find all the scales and the horns don’t mesh well with cloth gear. I haven’t found any mage-type hat that fits well around those horns. But tanking helmets look pretty awesome.

Along that line, I don’t want to level a third Dragoon, even though the job wears heavy armor. That feels too silly.

I don’t need another Bard or Machinist. Once is enough.

Ninja doesn’t really fit Zemi’s personality. But I won’t cross it off the list.

Summoner or Black Mage are both possibilities. I just don’t think the cloth armor looks very good on him. I guess I could glamour.

I don’t want to level another Monk. Zuri’s Monk is level 54, and I’m having a hard time holding on to the motivation to progress with it. I think it’s a solid class, but the playstyle just hasn’t clicked with me yet.

I know I don’t want to make him a healer class. Zuri is currently leveling her Scholar and will eventually have both White Mage and Scholar at level 60. I’d like to keep the healers all on Zuri.

So that narrows it down to these few. What should I do? Help!