FFXIV: Scholar Level 60 Complete!


I’ve actually been taking it pretty easy in FFXIV lately. I’ve put more of my time into other games, such as Sims 4, Skyrim, Civ 6 and Animal Crossing. But when I do log in to FFXIV, I’ve been working on achieving my goals for this month.

One goal was to finish leveling Scholar/Summoner to 60. I noted in a previous post that I achieved that over the weekend! Woot! I’ve been leveling this job for so long… I mean, here’s a post from March of 2015 when I first unlocked the job! I started leveling in earnest as Vix and Xaa were leveling their DPS classes and Zeb was working on tanks.

Though I already have a level 60 White Mage, I just feel more comfortable healing as a Scholar. I’m not sure why, as it originally used to be the opposite – I liked the White Mage big heals. I guess having fairy for backup is just comforting when I need to stance dance.

The past couple of nights, I went back and finished up all the Scholar job quests that I’ve ignored down the line (it’s okay, I only ran levelling roulette and PotD, so I haven’t needed the skills). That final Scholar quest was a bit of a pain, but I did get it done!


Leveling Conundrum

I’m of two minds when it comes to leveling more jobs in FFXIV. Part of me enjoys and craves that kind of progression much more than I do end game gear grinding. But another part of me is tired from the struggle of climbing job after job, especially between level 50-60. There’s still no “easy” way to do this solo as people don’t take to Heavensward FATES like they do in Dragonhead and North Thanaland. I guess there’s some beast tribe quests, but I use the Vath for my Scrpiture Tomes.

I’m also a bit weary because while I want to level Paladin and Ninja on Zuri, I’ve already done that on my alt, Tai. It’s hard to be motivated to re-level a job, even if that is the reality of the situation. I especially want to get some more tanking experience under my belt on Zuri since it was nice to have a level 60 Paladin that I could pull out in a pinch on Tai.

Here’s where my classes stand right now.


I do have Monk at level 55, but I’m not very motivated to get that job done right now. I need to start using my Leveling Roulettes for Lore Tomes to keep moving with my Dragoon Relic. I’m also avoiding running any dungeons I don’t need to because I’m skirting burn out.

I guess all in all it sounds like I need to take a break with leveling until I can square away my Relic more. But I guess I can check out Dragonhead and see if there are any FATE parties to join for Paladin and Ninja from time to time.

I also have Summoner and Monk job quests to finish! Still too many things to do in this game!



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