FFXIV: Beastman Alliance Complete!

This weekend, I finally completed one of my long-time goals — to achieve alliance with all beast tribes in FFXIV, including the old ARR ones. I’d reached Rank 4 with the Sylphs and the Kobolds years ago, and had left the others only partially complete. Then, when I finally finished reputation with the two battle tribes, I discovered I needed one more rank with the Ixal to have access to the allied beast tribe quest.

This was slower than the other tribes due to the sheer amount of reputation you needed, but faster than it was in the past. We can now do 12 quests a day, and that makes a pretty big difference.

So I dedicated some time each day to crafting for the Ixal, and finished Rank 7 with them on Saturday.

I forgot how much I enjoyed the cute little story quests in FFXIV. Unlike the main scenario, the smaller quests usually have a feel-good vibe to them. Beast tribes included.

Once I ranked up with Ixal, I was ready to start the allied beast tribe quest. Though I could have already finished the new one in Heavensward, since I have max rank with all those tribes, I held off because I heard there was a bug that affected ARR tribes.

I’m happy I did wait, because one of the antagonists from the 2.0 allied beast tribe quest held over into the 3.0 quest. It means a lot more if you complete the first set of quests… otherwise, I wouldn’t have had any clue who this guy was… or why he was being such an exhibitionist.

So, I whole-heartedly support that you do the ARR allied beast tribe quest before the Heavensward one if you can! I mean, otherwise, you miss awesome moments like this!

Once I got done with that quest line, I went around and bought the extra minions that became available at Allied rank from all the tribes, and made sure I had all the mounts. I can also confirm that Allied rank jumps all of your tribes up to rank 8, even though most of them had capped off at rank 4 before.

And I got a crazy cosmetic mask (the one that the antagonist wore).

Of course, the new Heavensward alliance quest included lots of dragons, moogles, vath, vanu and dancing. And, of course, an old friend.

I’d like to see if he’s really as tough as everyone says one day… but for now, I’ll be content in blowing him up time and again.

Of course, this unlocks the new super-silly Moonlift dance, which is just so over the top that it can rival the Manderville. Maybe.

So, now, I can take a break from my quest for reputation with beast tribes.

…Well, except for when I need some extra experience to push through that level 50-60 slump. My Monk might make it to level 60 today if all goes well. Crossing my fingers on that one!

And from there? Well… that Paladin relic weapon looks mighty fine. If I had a level 60 Paladin…