FFXIV: Kitty Returns & Umbrite Relic Complete!

It’s been pretty quiet on the FFXIV front up until this weekend. Now, all the sudden, I have lots of things to talk about.

Custom Deliveries Max!

First thing I completed this weekend was maxing out the crafting/gathering deliveries for Zhloe. As long as you turned in the highest quality level of materials you could, you gained a satisfaction heart with her every week. So this went pretty fast.


Now, I can still keep turning in weeklies, but the item she requests is much more challenging, even for the gear that I own. However, I’ve been making good on my goal to upgrade my crafting and gathering gear this month.

I did eventually purchase the top crafting accessories and I have started melding materia… but that’s for a different reason that I’ll write about another time. 🙂

The cutscenes for the deliveries have been really cute, including the two orphaned kittens of Idyllshire. Seeing these two side by side elicited much “Aww” and “Squee” from me.


This is important to note because I directly blame these kittens for putting the idea in my head to switch my race back to kitty.

Return of the Kitty

Back when I first did my character’s change-up in January, I purchased my first ever Fantasia. Only, I didn’t realize I still had a Fantasia left over from the free potions we got before. I thought I’d used them up, but I didn’t. So there it was tempting me and taking up retainer space.

The truth is, though I liked my character redesign, I missed my kitty. I especially missed how expressive some of her emotes were — there’s a lot of fun things the devs did with animations for ears and tail.

And while I still do have a Zuri character, I’ve hardly played her at all. I should have seen that coming — there’s still far too much to do on one character to even RP on another. It’s a bit of a bummer, but that’s the sad reality of it.

So, I took Zuri’s saved data and spun off a different kitty. I knew I couldn’t use the same settings as Zuri because that’s too ingrained as a different character in my mind. But she had most of the facial features I liked, so I used her template and changed a few things just a little bit.


My happy place is that this time, I gave her tail a multi-colored design. So now her tail tip reflects her hair highlights. It’s little and silly but I can’t stop watching it as I run around doing things. 😀

I still don’t have a story behind the character, but I feel like there’s a lot of room to make one if I wanted. She has a lot of potential.

It’s weird being a small character again, but I think I’m going to be sticking with a kitty from now on out. Even if they are an overused race.

Umbrite Relic Finished

Going into this weekend, I was very aware that I only had 8 Umbrite left to finally complete the Umbrite Relic stage. I’ve been working on this so… so… long… It looks like I completed the previous step on September 12, 2016.

So, when I sigh to people telling them I worked on Umbrite for 6 months… I’m not making it up.

Anyhow, it’s done with much thanks to Syn and Amoon for running me through all sorts of stuff!


My one grump about the whole thing is that this is the ugliest version of my weapon yet. I just can’t wrap my head around this whole face-on-my-weapon design. Sorry artists. This thing is just creepy.


I hope the glow from the Singing Clusters phase can cover it up some cuz I’m going to be stuck with that version of the weapon until Stormblood. There’s no way I’m farming enough light to finish the cool glow-dragon step that I really want.

And, of course, I have one Umbrite left over… for when I can stomach working on the Paladin relic on down the line.

Paladin Progress

Speaking of Paladin, I’m now almost halfway through level 59 on my Paladin as of last night! So, I should be seeing a level 60 Paladin to complete my goal for this month. Technically, my goal was just to level it some, but I got into gear with Beast Tribes and daily hunts and started blasting through levels.

The other night, I was hanging out at the tail end of level 58. It was late and I wanted fast experience, but didn’t want to deal with FATEs or a party. So I decided to take on Floor 1-10 of PotD solo.

I didn’t know how well that would work since my gear was only in the teens and I was on Paladin. But I was very careful and made it through without any problem, earning that bit of experience to take me to 59. Woot!


I really enjoy taking some content on solo just to see what I can do by myself. That’s always been something fun to do in MMOs for me. One day I’ll put more time into PotD solo, but for now, I just want to get this Paladin leveled!


  1. Gratz on getting over the umbrite hurdle, hopefully the light stage will get a nerf in time. Honestly I found that stage more onerous than the umbrite, probably doing it in one gargantuan sitting did not help.

    I’m doing the relic now for my PLD but, I have to admit, I’m struggling for motivation.

    Potd solo is a lot of fun! My goal for the past weekend was to solo as far as possible without dying on my BRD. After a few false starts I made it to level 51 although I did end up having to unequip my soul stone and run it as an archer in order to cross class some defensive cool downstairs.

    I’m seriously entertaining taking a sabbatical after I’ve played through tomorrow’s patch in order to avoid burning out before Storm blood. I’ll keep my sub running but there’s just so many good games being released, not to mention my Steam Library Of Shame. 😊

    1. Thanks! I’m not in any rush to get through the light stage at all. Not with an expansion right over the horizon. I completely understand the feeling of the Steam Library of Shame. My Steam library has really been suffering since I got Zelda on the Switch, too! 😀

  2. Cute kitty 😍 gz on next step for ur weapon!! I’ve just started the umbrite part of my weapon, I can see that it will take me a good while to get done 😎 but that’s fine, no rush really. Just fun to actually be doing it. I love the pld, some ppl find it boring I guess but I just love the idea of it, shield and sword, being the protector and what not. So many cool glamour too :p

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