March Gaming Goals in Review

I actually did a pretty great job of meeting all my goals this month, even the ones I doubted I’d meet (Umbrite Relic Stage). I spent most my gaming time between Zelda: BotW and FFXIV, as expected. Now that I’ve gotten further into Zelda, I can make next month’s goal a bit more specific.

Here’s what happened in March!

Nintendo Switch Launch

  • Dive deep in Zelda – Breath of the Wild ✓

Yep, definitely did this. I put in more than 30 hours on this game (which is a lot for me) and have only cleared the first Divine Beast. I still have so, so much more to do in this game!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Upgrade Dragoon Gear ✓
  • Upgrade Alt Job Gear ✓
  • Finish Umbrite Anima Relic Step✓
  • Level Paladin ✓
  • Earn scrips for Crafter and Gatherer ✓

I’ve upgraded all of my Dragoon gear to 270 using tokens earned through the alliance raids. I really don’t feel the need to keep running them at this point, so I’ve been taking a break from Dun Scaith and company. Aside from the weapon, my Dragoon is sitting pretty for the expansion.

I have been upgrading my alt job gear as well. Most of the Bard pieces are at least 260 — I believe I just need hands and feet (or something), which I plan on earning through Scripture over time. I’ve also been upgrading my Intelligence gear in anticipation of Red Mage, and working on a complete set of 200 gear for my Paladin. I’m just piecing together drops from Expert at this point with no real urgency. I get what I get.

I finally finished the Umbrite Step for the Relic Weapon! For a while, I didn’t think it was going to happen this month. But last weekend, I put my nose to the grindstone and finished it up!

My goal was to simply “level Paladin.” My reality was level Paladin to 60. Being a shy tank, I stayed away from leveling roulettes, and did it mostly through Beast Tribe dailies, hunts, FATEs and a solo PotD. It honestly didn’t take as long as I thought, and encourages me to work on my other jobs, now.

My final goal was to earn scrips for crafters and gatherers. Oh, man, did I ever! Thanks to the new Deliveries, I made 300 out of the 450 cap for crafter red scrips last night. That’s more than I’ve ever done before (I don’t craft weekly for scrips, just don’t have time). The result has been upgrading all kinds of gear, both crafting and gathering, as well as purchasing Master crafting books and saving up for my first Fokelore for gathering.

Between this and the scrips I get from my Squad, it’s been a beautiful thing. I’m really excited to be making progress in this area! I hope Deliveries stick around.

So, how did your month go? Meet any important goals?


  1. I really miss ffxiv and I love reading your post about it, very nostalgic for me. What I really love is the crafting and gathering aspect of the game. If I could just craft and gather and have housing in the game I would absolutely pay a monthly fee and play this game with glee. I just cant find another game with the great graphics and deep crafting that final offers. I also would love to finish up the story but I truly hate the dungeons and they are pretty much mandatory still right?

    1. Yeah, dungeons are mandatory still, sadly, and I doubt that’ll ever change. I understand your feeling on this because it’s still the biggest hurdle I face playing this game.

      Lately, the story has placed one mandatory dungeon in each patch (except this small half-patch), but also slaps an ilvl requirement you have to meet to be able to enter the dungeon. This generally requires more dungeons to earn tomes, so it’s a circle of dungeon running. I’ve gotten past the pain point here by having a good FC who is always willing to help out with dungeons. It makes it so much better with kind people in your group.

      Also… if you happen to have crafters high enough, or know crafters high enough, there are crafted equivalents to ilvl 250 gear, which is all you’d need to finish the story. It’s just a matter of having the right crafting books, and having access to the materials to craft the gear.

      I’m kicking around the idea of really working up my crafters to make gear for my alts in the future, so that I can just outfit them and not have to grind for the ilvls. The end game gear grind is what keeps me from having fun with alts in this game. Hopefully, FFXIV will continue to allow a crafting path for gear like they have in Heavensward.

  2. I’ve just beat my first Divine Beast tonight, after whinging for days about not wanting to do it just yet because I thought I wasn’t ready for it. Despite having beaten 28 shrines so far and playing for over 100 hours.

    I totally was ready for it.

    Now I’ll just complete the other shrines and side quests in that region and move on to the next. Might even go fight my second Divine Beast, who knows?

    Still haven’t found my dream horse, though. :<

    1. I felt the same way, too. I kinda stumbled upon the part of the world that ushered me into my first Divine Beast (which is great, I found it, I didn’t get led to it by the nose), and I was like… oh man. How am I going to tackle something this huge? Am I ready for this?

      I almost didn’t attempt it. And then, when I was inside and unlocked the boss fight, I almost chickened out and didn’t try that either. I discovered I could do it in the end, though, and it was a good feeling!

      Now, I’ve finally just found my second Divine Beast and… I’m feeling the same way all over again! XD

      1. Which one did you do first? I went for Vah Ruta (the Zora one) because it was closer. I wanted to do Vah Medoh first, because I heard it was easier, but I chickened out when I saw all the Guardians in Central Hyrule. I might attempt that one next.

        1. I also did the Zora one first. I was exploring up in that direction, mostly because I was following another quest which led up in that direction. The Zora NPC hailed me and told me which direction to go, so I figured “why not?”

          1. Right, that reminds me I still need to do that sidequest at the Akkala Tech Lab, which is in that general direction too.

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