FFXIV: Making Strides in Gathering & Crafting

I’m really starting to enjoy Thursdays as that is the day that crafting/gathering deliveries reset in FFXIV. I tend to knock all of them out in one night, which isn’t that hard to do. And I feel like I’m finally making good progress, too.

First Fokelore

Last night, I used the gathering deliveries to finish up gathering scrips for my first ever Fokelore book.

I chose the tome for Abalathia’s Spine partially because it offered the most gatherable items. And my goal is to finish the I Found That achievement in order to earn my Blessed pickaxe. As of last night, I stand at 146/150. Just two more fokelore books unlocked will get me where I want to be!

But I ran across one more thing… Luminium Ore. I went to gather it as usual, and then got my feelings hurt — I had a 0% chance of gathering this stuff! I looked it up and discovered that in order to even have a chance to gather it, my Gathering rating needs to be 860. Seeing that I was at 730-ish, I was a long ways off.


I’ve been saving up my gil over the past month, and ended up dropping most of it on a new set of Ironworks gathering gear. The old green scrip gear I had worked for what I needed it to be, but I didn’t upgrade in part because I needed the scrips for fokelore tomes and because I didn’t want to drag around a set of gear for each gathering job (that gets on my nerves).

I already had great gloves thanks to Syn, and my accessories weren’t going to do much to boost gathering, so I just focused on buying the left side stuff and melding it with gathering materia. Somehow, I still have some gil left over from this adventure.

Once I finish the achievement, the Blessed pickaxe upgrade will be enough to put me over 860 gathering. So I just have to keep fishing!

Crafting Upgrades

I saved a few deliveries to finish off one of the crafting tool upgrades I’ve been working on for my Goldsmith. I’m sorta in the same boat in crafting as I was with gathering — there are things I’d like to craft that I can’t touch because my stats are way too low.

Last night, I traded my Goblin Cups for an upgraded tool.

I also picked up another Master IV book, which I’m slowly doing job by job.

I know this is really late into the expansion cycle, but I hope this will put me in a good position when Stormblood drops to start strong on my crafters and gatherers. Back when Heavensward launched, I had just got my crafters to level 50, so I was really behind on not just gear but overall crafting understanding. Not that I understand it all that much better now! 😀


Oh, and aside from that, my Singing Clusters are 32/50 as of last night. So I’m on track to finish this up this month as I hoped.

Also, here’s the giant egg mount from this year’s Hatching-tide quest!