FFXIV: Making Strides in Gathering & Crafting

I’m really starting to enjoy Thursdays as that is the day that crafting/gathering deliveries reset in FFXIV. I tend to knock all of them out in one night, which isn’t that hard to do. And I feel like I’m finally making good progress, too.

First Fokelore

Last night, I used the gathering deliveries to finish up gathering scrips for my first ever Fokelore book.


I chose the tome for Abalathia’s Spine partially because it offered the most gatherable items. And my goal is to finish the I Found That achievement in order to earn my Blessed pickaxe. As of last night, I stand at 146/150. Just two more fokelore books unlocked will get me where I want to be!

But I ran across one more thing… Luminium Ore. I went to gather it as usual, and then got my feelings hurt — I had a 0% chance of gathering this stuff! I looked it up and discovered that in order to even have a chance to gather it, my Gathering rating needs to be 860. Seeing that I was at 730-ish, I was a long ways off.



I’ve been saving up my gil over the past month, and ended up dropping most of it on a new set of Ironworks gathering gear. The old green scrip gear I had worked for what I needed it to be, but I didn’t upgrade in part because I needed the scrips for fokelore tomes and because I didn’t want to drag around a set of gear for each gathering job (that gets on my nerves).

I already had great gloves thanks to Syn, and my accessories weren’t going to do much to boost gathering, so I just focused on buying the left side stuff and melding it with gathering materia. Somehow, I still have some gil left over from this adventure.

Once I finish the achievement, the Blessed pickaxe upgrade will be enough to put me over 860 gathering. So I just have to keep fishing!

Crafting Upgrades

I saved a few deliveries to finish off one of the crafting tool upgrades I’ve been working on for my Goldsmith. I’m sorta in the same boat in crafting as I was with gathering — there are things I’d like to craft that I can’t touch because my stats are way too low.

Last night, I traded my Goblin Cups for an upgraded tool.


I also picked up another Master IV book, which I’m slowly doing job by job.

I know this is really late into the expansion cycle, but I hope this will put me in a good position when Stormblood drops to start strong on my crafters and gatherers. Back when Heavensward launched, I had just got my crafters to level 50, so I was really behind on not just gear but overall crafting understanding. Not that I understand it all that much better now! 😀


Oh, and aside from that, my Singing Clusters are 32/50 as of last night. So I’m on track to finish this up this month as I hoped.

Also, here’s the giant egg mount from this year’s Hatching-tide quest!



    1. My Reogadame sits atop it leaning back on her hands, so she looks balanced on it, unlike the Miqo’ta there looking like she’s hanging on for dear life.

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