May Gaming Goals

Welcome to May! In 8 days, I’ll be celebrating my birthday! In about a month and a half, Stormblood will rain down on us in FFXIV. I’m taking some time off of work for both occasions, and I can really use it!

In the meantime, I have a few small goals to work towards this month. Nothing serious because I honestly have both my main and Tai sitting right where I want them to be for the expansion.

Some Future Plans for Stormblood

After the excitement of the Live Letter on Friday, I’ve come away with a few new ideas of my approach to the expansion. I’m really happy about the AF armor characters will get at level 70, and seeing the set Dragoons get, I know I’ll be leveling Tai first through the story.

My main will go Red Mage, which starts her back at level 50, so she might not see the story as early on. I debated what I wanted to do, but I think I’ll take her through the game second so that she can go Red Mage all the way, rather than doing it halfway with Bard and catching up with Red Mage and yadda yadda.

The Actual Goals

But those are goals for June, not for May! So let me get back on track!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level Black Mage to 50 ✓
  • Level Zemi’s Ninja ✓
  • Buy Fokelore Books ✓
  • Buy Master Crafting Books ✓

This is a pretty lax list, to be honest.

I’ve been leveling Black Mage on my main, and she’s just shy of level 42. So I should be able to get her to 50 without issue. I may even get her beyond that. But we’ll see.

I just picked up Zemi again this weekend, inspired by the Samurai in the Live Letter. I think it’ll be a good job for him, but I need to work on getting a job to 50 first (I think) to unlock that. A long time ago, I held a poll on what job I should change Zemi to, since having a tank main isn’t my cup of tea, and it ended up Ninja.

So I’ve been leveling Rogue on Zemi, and just got him to 18 last night with much thanks to Amoon. Zemi is really starting to grow on me… I especially love his splat-sit emote. When he does smile (Au Ra guys are so serious looking!), it’s endearing.

See… look at that!

I’ve kicked around the idea of an RP blog for Zemi, because he’s usually fun and good-natured to write for. But I’m lost as to where to start since he’s already a good ways into the MSQ in terms of story.

I know I’d like to write a RP blog for one of my characters sometime. I just never get around to figuring out how I want to approach it!

Alright, enough rambling from me! Hope May is a good month for everyone!