FFXIV: Level 50 Black Mage & Reaching Goals

Though I haven’t been working overly hard on my goals for this month, I managed to knock out a few of them in my FFXIV play session last night.

The one goal I have been moving towards was reaching level 50 on my Black Mage. This is mostly because I want to share gear with Red Mage once that’s released. However, I’ve found that I’m starting rather enjoy Black Mage as a job now that I’ve played with it some.

I sorta wish I’d played it more back in ARR, before level 60 rotations made it more complicated. I still don’t know¬†a whole lot about how Enochian and stuff actually works, though I’ve looked up rotational guides and all. Hopefully, from what I’m hearing about the battle revamp, that will see some changes.

But until then, I’m going to keep leveling on towards 60!

In the crafting department, I’ve continued to gather Scrips from my squad each week. This has been enough to allow me to unlock all but two of my Master IV books so far. Almost there. I still need to go back and work on some Master II books as well.

As for gathering, between my squad and the weekly gathering deliveries, I was able to purchase the first of my Botany Fokelore books last night!

I doubt I’ll be able to get my Blessed tool for Botany before Stormblood drops if it requires all the Fokelore books like Mining did. But I’m still going to make it a goal to work on since it’s just cool to have gathered everything in the game and have that achievement. I’m a long way from it, though.

I guess I better get working on that. If I do a little bit day by day, it’ll get done soon enough!