May Gaming Goals in Review

Another month done with? That’s pretty crazy. Where is this year going?

Next month is the release of Stormblood. Due to that, I think I’m going to take some time off from setting goals. I’ll be too far into exploring and learning about the new expansion to want to put hard-fast goals down. The only thing I really would like to accomplish is playing Red Mage and leveling that if I find I enjoy it.

So, no goals in June!

But what happened in May? I think I did pretty well!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level Black Mage to 50 ✓
  • Level Zemi’s Ninja ✓
  • Buy Fokelore Books ✓
  • Buy Master Crafting Books ✓

I did get my Black Mage to 50 this month, but I haven’t worked on leveling the job beyond. That’s probably alright seeing that leveling from 50-60 is going to get easier in a few weeks anyhow.

I also unlocked Zemi’s Ninja and leveled it to 32 last night, which is the equivalent of where I left off on Warrior. I’d like to keep working on this character to have him close to ready for Samurai, but I don’t know how much motivation I really have for it.

I did buy two Fokelore books for my Botanist, leaving just one more left. I hope in Stormblood, they don’t put something like Fokelore books in because this was just a pain.

And, whenever I had some extra crafting scrips, I picked up Master Crafting IV books. I don’t have all of them yet, but I have the important ones. I still need to go back and get Master Crafting II books, but I’ve been lazy about it. Maybe after Stormblood releases. 😀

And, that’s about it for this month. I actually took a bit of time away from the game, but still managed to hit most of my important goals. Looking forward to all the changes in June!