FFXIV: Ben’s Glamour

Now that I’ve completed the MSQ on my main character, I’ve gone back to thinking a lot about the story-journal that I want to write for my RP character, Ben. But before I could do any of that, I really needed to get his glamour right.

In order to be able to glamour and dye, I had to complete two quests. One was out in Thanalan, not too far to run to, to get the dye system unlocked. But the other, the glamour skill, is a quest out in Mor Dhona.

Considering Ben is a fresh character without a story skip, he has no chocobo yet. So while he is a level 50 Red Mage, he had to foot it all the way from Ul’dah, through Thanalan, through the Shroud, into Coerthas, then finally to Mor Dhona.


Thankfully, Namingway kept him company.

This was actually a pretty relaxing run to make. I’ve never done this on foot before, and there was really no danger from anything. It just took some time to jog there, especially with the changes to the Sprint cooldown. At least I unlocked a bunch of warps along the way.

Once that was done, I gathered up all the glamour items, dye, and glamour prisms I needed to make his outfit as Bennish as I could.


This is pretty close, actually!

For those who aren’t so familiar with my character, I dug up one of the more recent Wayrift frames for comparison. I realized in searching, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually drawn a full-length picture of him… even this one is about 3 years old. Poor neglected Ben!


Anyhow, the Astral Silk robes, which I also wear on my Bard Glamour, work quite well for Ben. They’re ornate enough, but not too much, and dye a nice dark green. I found some gathering boots that have the criss-cross leather, and just used the new Squall pants underneath. The only thing not perfect are the gloves, but there’s no way to get mis-matched white and black ones in game.


He also seems too confident with a sword (and usually uses a large two-hander), but I can work with it. 😉


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