FFXIV: Omega Minion Get!

While the race to be the first to beat Omega Savage has been the big thing in the newest patch, aside from job tweaks, I’m just content to beat Omega 4 normal for a second time. This time, I helped Syn through for her first clear. Unlike last week’s circus, we cleared it the first try.

Amazingly, I won the roll on the Exdeath minion with a 58! I’m rarely that lucky, and didn’t expect to get it with such a low roll. So, I’m pretty stoked!

Though I never ran Alex weekly for the weapon, since I’ve already earned 2 of the 7 needed drops for the weapon in Omega, I might as well keep doing it, I suppose. It’s only once a week, right? The fight isn’t too bad (though I could use some practice and a higher ilvl).

Otherwise, things are settling down into pre-expansion normalcy. I’m running some roulettes (always get Ala Mhigo for some reason) for the new Creation tomes, but not all that worried about it, actually. It’s nice you can get some tomes out in Frontlines, which I can see myself filling in the blanks using that from time to time.

Speaking of Frontlines, we ran some of that last night, and I was able to get my Paladin to level 61. Woot! This means I can start working on some of the random quests I have lying about in Kugane and maybe the Ruby Sea. I want to level a tank, but I’m still scared of running dungeons as one, so leveling through quests and Frontlines has been a good alternative.

I haven’t yet tried the new Canals, though we had a group in our FC who did reach Floor 7 last night. I’m looking forward to playing that soon!

Also, cleared the Kugane bathhouse jump puzzle for a second time for the sight seeing log. 🙂



  1. Tank is not bad to level in the dungeons, just make sure you’re upgrading your gear as fast as the dungeon gives it to you. I’ve found that melding in as many Battledance 5 materia as the stat budget allows also helps quite a bit (and direct hit for any pieces that already are tenacity-capped naturally). And then it’s just a case of rotating your cooldowns .

    They buffed the AE hate for all the tanks (Flash, Overpower, and Unleash) a couple of weeks ago, so it’s pretty easy to lock in aggro within a couple of GCD’s of the fight starting and then you can just use your dps combo after that (I just stay in tank stance 100% of the time, but if you wanna stance dance to lose the 20% damage penalty go ahead….. though tbh I still don’t trust most pug healers to be able to handle that, so…. that’s why I’m 100% tank stance). Obviously you change targets every little bit to make sure a dps isn’t creeping up in aggro on it and then you can hit an aggro combo on one if they’re getting close, but it’s generally not necessary.

    For trash it’s Shield Lob, Circle of Scorn, Flash 2x, Fight or Flight, and then spam Total Eclipse. Weave in CD’s for defense. Toss Divine Veil and Clemency to help your healer out from time to time. Easy peasy.

    For single-target/Boss it’s Shield Lob, Circle of Scorn, Flash, Fight or Flight, aggro combo, then do dps combo finishing with Goring Blade, then Requiasat (sp) into 5x Holy Spirit, then do your dps combos to refill your mana bar until you can Req – Holy Spirit spam again.

    For me, I’m dreading trying to heal a dungeon when it’s time to start leveling my healers up, yet I’m sure once I actually jump in I’ll be just fine.

    1. I’m sure that I can tank dungeons (it’s not that I don’t know the basics of how it works), but I’m still group shy and tanking makes me the most anxious of all roles in this game. I straight up will not tank for randoms. I never know if people are going to want big pulls or small pulls, or if everyone is going to be unhappy with whatever I do. XD

      I don’t have a whole lot of time to put towards leveling side jobs right now, so I’m just not going to run things that make me feel antsy. Maybe once I gear up some and get a better feel for how Paladin works now, I’ll be more comfortable to try in a group setting.

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