No Man’s Sky: 1.3 Atlas Rises Patch

So while I’ve been talking a lot about GW2 this week, the truth is, over the weekend I mostly played No Man’s Sky’s newest 1.3 patch – Atlas Rises. This marks the game’s first year anniversary and it’s still on sale for $24 on Steam right now if any of this catches your interest.

This patch was really an incredible leap forward for NMS. Much of the community now feels that the game is finally at a point where it is what it was originally advertised to be. Yes, it’s bad this wasn’t out at launch. BUT – the devs didn’t abandon the game, and kept working until it was in a much better shape.

Now we have so much, from base building, rovers, low flight on ships, missions, farming, a new economy and trading system, and a brand new storyline. Really, there’s too much to list…

Oh, and yeah. The sorta-multiplayer was added, which really excited players. It’s very rudimentary, but it’s a foundation for something more, I hope.

Changes in the Universe

The universe was also restructured because many new and unusual biomes were added to the planets. This meant that your home base planet may have changed, for better or worse.

I did start to build a base during the last patch, but didn’t get super far with it. When I left the world, it was this pinky-purple planet, which was kinda pretty.

Before 1.3

When I returned to my base planet, it had all turned green instead. Which is also kinda pretty.

After 1.3

Thankfully, this was a positive change. I’ve read a lot of people who had a great home base planet that turned into snow or toxic waste biome. So, I can’t complain too much.

Texture Troubles

The one thing that did eat up a lot of my time was trying to troubleshoot the game’s texture loading issues. The last time I played the game, I was using my old Nvidia graphics card. Since then, I upgraded to a much more powerful AMD card.

I’d forgotten the posts that said NMS had issues with AMD cards. And, well, mine had issues loading the textures that I never had on the previous card. The game played well enough, but all the textures were on low quality, no matter what setting I put the graphics on.

I’d played the game enough to recognize this was NOT how it was supposed to look:


Everything from the grass to the texture on the rocks to the building… yeah.

So I updated my drivers as a first step, and this actually cleared it up long enough to get those comparison pictures above. But after playing a bit, warping around, maybe turning the game off and back on again, it went right back to being blurry.

I started doing research.

Someone suggested a complete driver cleaning and uninstall/reinstall from a manual download. I did this, and again, it helped for a little while.

I went through several suggestions on the Tech Support forum. I got it to work partways, but still not 100% of the textures load. I may go back and mess with some of these settings again, but I eventually just gave up and played with mostly-loading textures.

It was better than none.

New Storyline

So, there’s a new storyline. It’s not super captivating or anything — mostly the story of an alien who has crashed and is stranded. You have to help them out.

But what the storyline does fill is the huge blank where a tutorial or guidance system was missing. In fact, it feels a lot like a tutorial, which is there to introduce the player to all the different features of the game.

It teaches you to build signal beacons, how to find specific locations, how to earn reputation, how to learn language, and (at this point for me) how to find the new mission feature. Eventually, I heard it prompts you to build a base (which gets bugged out if you happen to move your base’s original location, so be careful!).


The game’s writing uses the illusion of mystery and grandiose language to try to make the story feel bigger than it actually is (a tutorial). It does cover this well, but the reality is, it’s just sending you on a bunch of menial tasks.

This is fine. I wish the story was a bit deeper than just a story masking a tutorial. But it’s better than nothing, and players seem to like it. I’m going along for the ride since it’s been so long since I’ve played that I don’t know most of what I’m doing anyhow. XD

It’s nice to have a mission-oriented journal type thing that helps you keep track of where you are and what you need to do, too. This might have been patched in back when bases were introduced, but it’s not until now that I actually started to rely on it consistently.



The community has really rallied behind NMS after this update. Heck, even before this update, this game had a very dedicated group of players who even worked to create a whole Galactic Hub in order to meet up and map a common system. This is very, very cool, and you should check it out!

Even better, the recent Steam review ratings have gone from Mostly Negative to Mostly Positive as players give recognition where it’s due. There will always be haters, of course, but even I tossed in a positive review for the game (I rarely write game reviews on Steam) because I’m impressed by the dedication of the dev team.


Despite the technical difficulties I’ve had, I also had great fun playing over the weekend, and hope that I can maintain a momentum to actually build my base this time around. I found this really cool crashed ship — I discovered it was a Hauler — that took me from 19 slots to something like 32 in one shot. (I wish I had a screen of it.)

I still have to raise the money to actually unlock the slots on the ship, but I was so stoked to repair it and get it flying. It might be a good introduction into learning how to haul and trade materials between systems. Maybe?

I’ll have to find out!


  1. I jumped in early and my home planet had turned into a barren wasteland, AND I had to re-hired NPCs and start doing their quests all over again. During which time I found a vibrant green moon with lots of creatures and not a lot of sentinels so I moved my base…and yup, now it is bugged. So I’m waiting for a patch.

    I thought about just restarted but it took me a LONG time to max out my exo-suits inventory slots and I’m not doing that a second time!!

    1. Bummer! I’m so sorry to hear about your bugged game. I heard that if you move your base back to any planet in your original system that it sometimes fixes it (but I have not tried, so I cannot fully confirm). I hope they bring a patch out soon — there are many players with this issue, and it should have been caught during patch testing!

      I don’t know how starting a base before the storyline effects it (like I did), but while I was searching for a nicer planet for the future, I’ll just stick to the one I have right now. I am also playing the same save as I had from the beginning, though I still have a ways to go before I max out slots.

      Have you considered maybe making another game on creative mode (if you’re playing on normal) so you don’t have to lose your work on the original save, but can still keep playing?

      1. I’m not sure it impacts the new story, for me it just seems to have impacted the NPC worker-bee quest lines. When I go talk to my armoror or farmer dudes I’m told something like “You should probably leave them alone.” I’ve got other stuff to play so I can wait for a patch; I’m sure there will be one pretty soon.

        I could even keep playing since it wouldn’t hurt to re-stock my stores of iron and other materials. I went through a LOT of iron rebuilding my base! And there’s the new quests at the stations I could do to earn some $$ which I could always use more of. So I COULD play, I’m really just choosing not to at this point.

          1. Yeah so a patch dropped today that prevents the bug from happening but doesn’t seem to fix it for those of us already bitten:

            “Weā€™ve fixed an issue that caused base NPCs to stop responding after claiming a new base location. This will prevent new occurrences of the issue, a fix for those who have already experienced it is under investigation”

            So hopefully soon!

  2. Cool so glad to know NMS is doing better now. I was impressed with what the checklist said this introduced, and the start of multiplayer is great. As someone who played at launch, I never hated the game, but did find it boring, and I didn’t see much point to doing what was available at the time. In your opinion, do you think now is a good time to jump in or keep waiting for even more updates? I kind of want to play the game once it’s in tip top shape, and knowing the DEVs aren’t abandoning it gives me faith that it’s just going to keep getting better.

    1. I think it depends on what you’re looking for from NMS. They’ve made it clear that more features will be coming, and it may be a focus on multiplayer (just a guess). But their releases have been large patches every 6 months or so, so it will be a while before we see anything else from them.

      If multiplayer is super important to you, then I’d say wait until their multiplayer system evolves into something more robust. If the single player experience is what you’re after, this is a good time to try the game again. The new story is a good introduction to all the new features they’ve added since launch, and a gentle guiding force that will help give you objectives in the game.

  3. NMS just never appealed to me. None of the pre-launch hype made me think I’d want to play it, then it seemed to have a disastrous launch which made me glad I’d decided to stay away. And now the hype for the latest patch still just… doesn’t appeal to me. No idea why. I love sci-fi and base building, but….. this somehow just “doesn’t do it” for me, when the general overview seems like it’d be right in my wheelhouse.

    1. It’s totally fine — this is not a game for everyone, for sure. It really speaks mostly to explorers, and you have to have a LOT of patience with it. It’s a slow moving game, and can get pretty frustrating at times. I like a lot about it, and there are plenty of things I don’t like, too. Specially graphic card issues. : /

  4. I’m glad you covered this (and that I scrolled down a bit to read this couple day old post!). I haven’t touched NMS since it originally released and I was playing the crap out of it for a week or two. I have heard it’s steadily become the game we had hoped it would be out of the gate. I’m curious though if I should start from scratch, considering the changes. And do we know if these changes are live for both PS4 (where I bought the game) and PC versions?

    I suppose I should fire it up tonight and see what changes there are to check out.

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