2018 Gaming Goals

I know it seems a little late in the month to talk about goals. Due to my vacation cruise and a pretty heavy load at work IRL, I’ve not had a lot of time to really sit down and write out what I want to get done this year… even though I’ve been thinking about it!

These are going to be overarching goals, which I will probably break down into smaller monthly chunks as the year rolls on.

FFXIV – All Battle Jobs to 50 on My Main 

battlejobsI’ve been playing FFXIV for over 4 years, and I still have a number of jobs under level 50 on my main. This is for various reasons:

  • I have a bunch of alts, many with time spent leveling their jobs. I have two level 50 Ninjas on other characters, for example, but haven’t finished leveling that on my main.
  • Disinterest in some jobs led me to not pick them up. Astro and Dark Knight just sounded more complex, and Samurai was over-shadowed by Red Mage…
  • Group-centric nature of leveling. I still get nervous about running even leveling roulette on my tanks or healers. So that made me put off advancing them.

However, now that we have Squad dungeons, which is fast solo content, I can very well see myself making this goal.

If I do manage to get to level 50 on all jobs early on in the year, I’ll raise the bar to level 60. But that also kinda depends on what they do with Squad dungeons.

FFXIV: All Crafting Jobs to 70 

Yeah… it’s been long overdue. I’ve been super lazy with crafting since Stormblood, and haven’t even done a single crafting turn-in on top of it. Was kinda hoping we’d see another crafting beast tribe… 😉

I’d love to not just level my crafters but really grasp what crafting is all about. Maybe learn some advanced “tactics.” Rotations. Or whatever FFXIV crafters do.


Steam Challenge: Play Games I Buy

Last year, I did a pretty good job (on accident) of playing all the games I bought within a relatively short time after I bought them (outside of bundle games). This year, I want to continue this trend. If I buy a game, I want to try to play it within a few days of the purchase.

This is good practice… not only to keep the backlog down, but to ensure if I pick up a game I really don’t care for, I have a chance to return it in the first 30 days.

I also want to cut back on the number of Steam games that I buy… which I did quite a bit last year.

Steam Challenge: Play Over 50% of my Games 

I noted in another post that the Steam Calculator is doing something different in terms of reporting unplayed games in your backlog. Now, it tells you the percentage you’ve played, so you want to get that number higher.

Here’s what I look like right now:


My initial goal for the year is to get this number above 50%. That will mark the first time since I started the Steam Challenge almost 4 years ago that I’d have played more games than not. That would be a great milestone!

If I can reach over 50%, I will nudge the goal towards 60%. It just depends on how it goes.

Nintendo Switch Backlog – Finish Games

Oh, gosh. I’ve actually started amassing a backlog on my Switch! Good night!

I have so many great games on the system, some of which I really want to push to make progress and complete. I know some of these games, like Zelda BotW and Mario Odyssey, have a sort of squishy definition of “finish.” But I’d be happy just to complete the story.

Switch Games I want to beat this year:

  • Zelda BotW
  • Mario Odyssey ✓
  • Mario + Rabbids
  • Cat Quest

There’s a boatload of other indie games I really want to play on the Switch, and so many more being announced. I got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Christmas, but I’m hesitant to start it while I still have BotW unfinished!


Have you set any gaming goals for this year? What’s on your mind to get done?


  1. My goals for this year is to get all Jobs to 70 with my Main Character and then start working on the same goal with my alt. Because, you know, sanity is overrated. :p

    I’d also like to clear as much of my backlog for the consoles as possible since that one is starting to get way too scary. At least my Steam backlog isn’t too bad if that Calculator is accurate. I have played 59% of my Steam games and haven’t really bought many PC games recently. 🙂

    1. Wow, all jobs to 70 on more than one character? Hardcore!
      I probably could level all to 70 if I put all my time into FFXIV, but I just have too many projects and other game goals I want to meet. I decided to take it bit by bit to start with.

  2. I was shocked at how few of my Steam games I’d actually played. Admittedly some are ones I got for free that I’ve played elsewhere, but there were still a lot that were untouched. I need to get on those!

  3. I was burned on the percentage played metric when I bought the entire PopCap library years back when it turned out to be only a couple of bucks more than just buying Peggle. A lot of games on that list I will never play.

    Still, I was surprised to see that I have played… which means at least launched… 58% of the games I have purchased on Steam. There are a few games on the list where the time played is a single digit in minutes, but that counts right?

    My ongoing “don’t buy it unless you’re going to play it RIGHT NOW” campaign seems to be having some effect I guess.

    1. Yeah, “don’t buy unless you’re going to play” is going to be my mantra this year. I’m going to work on slacking off bundles… because those put all kinds of games on the list. Often, some I won’t play.

  4. Some good goals there, and grats on the 4 year blogversiry! Although that Steam backlog is going to be a tough one to hit, I reckon 😉

    I like the idea of levelling up your FFXIV jobs though. I’ve only recently started playing the game myself, and love that you can switch between classes just by changing weapon. The journey to level cap is still incomplete, but crafting has already managed to swallow me whole.

    And yes, <3 red mage 🙂

  5. Loved this post – might do one myself as I have so much I aim to do! If I do it I will be sure to credit this post 🙂 Followed you – look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

  6. I really need to check out my Steam library too 😩😨 I don’t even want to think about my played percentage vs. total number of games owned. Damn those Steam Sales!!!

    Thanks for the great read. 😉

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