FFXIV: Spring Set, Weaver Upgrade, BLM 70!

Though I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in FFXIV this weekend, I did finish up a lot of small odds and ends.

Every week, I’ve participated in the Fashion Report glamour contest in the Gold Saucer. Only one week have I not had what I needed to at least score a 70-80 or above. As you participate in the mini-game, new items unlock in the boutique.

This weekend, I unlocked both the Spring Bottoms and Spring Shoes. Pictured above is the entire set, undyed. It’s a pretty cute little outfit, and I glamoured it over my healer set for now.

This second outfit isn’t glamour, but rather me obtaining the first set of level 70 script gear for my Weaver. Everything except for the gloves and hat are augmented, so I’m pretty close to having a full BIS on the left side. I tell you what, it makes crafting go a whole lot smoother with much better gear!


Next, I hope to work on crafting better shared-job gear for the rest of my crafters. I just don’t have the room to have individual outfits for every crafting job as I level them! 🙁

Speaking of leveling, here is my Black Mage as of yesterday.


What’s that? It looks like my Red Mage? Well that would be because I finally hit level 70 on my Black Mage (which was one of my monthly goals) and the two jobs can finally share gear! Woot!

It’s kinda up in the air which job I want to level next. I’m thinking of doing Summoner so that it, too, can share gear with my other casters. I just need to look up the Summoner level 60 rotation in case we get a level 60 raid in Alliance Roulette.

This will also level my Scholar, which means I’ll finally be able to utilize all the level 70 healer gear I’ve been holding on to since forever. I do eventually plan on leveling my White Mage to 70 one day.

I only have two more goals I set out to reach this month — level Warrior to 40 and level Ninja to 50. I could probably swing both of those (going to focus on Warrior first) if I wanted to, but we’ll see how motivated I feel.

Kitten of Motivation

I’m pretty sure that next month’s goals are going to focus on knocking out the millions (over exaggeration) of job quests I’ve ignored on the many different jobs I have leveled. It’s really a shameful thing, and I’d love to mark those off my list.

I’d also like to work through some of those many Stormblood quests that are still littering the zones. It makes it hard to find other quests if anything new pops up in those areas. I’ve been holding on to them for a healer or tank job (most likely tank) in hopes to use them to boost leveling, even if by a little bit. To do that, I actually have to level another tank to 60-61…

Ah well. Have a picture of my fish tank instead.



  1. Gratz on all the progress!

    Summoner is more of a “priority based” job than one with a set rotation. That said…. Apply dots, spam Ruin 3, use your aether charges asap and use Dreadwyrm and Bahamut more or less on cooldown, and you’ve pretty well got it. Highest priority is on keeping the dots up.

    I actually canceled my FFXIV sub this past week. i haven’t played it since December, other than the hour-long foray for the glowsticks, and that bit there made me realize I don’t miss it right now, so….. Perhaps I’ll come back later. Or perhaps not. Rift was the only game I ever “successfully went back to” and even that only lasted a few months. We shall see, I suppose.

    1. Thanks for the tips!

      Sorry to hear you heading off from FFXIV. But I understand — no need to keep paying a sub if you’re just not feeling the game. Hope you find fun wherever you choose to play!

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