FFXIV: Our Free Company’s 4th Anniversary

Though our Free Company, Knights of Memory <KoM>, was actually founded May 1st, that was a busy time for both myself and Syn. She was out of town for work, among other things. So we decided to push our anniversary event back a bit this year.

I didn’t mean for it to get pushed back a whole month, but you know…

We did hold the event this past weekend, finally. There was a really good turnout, maybe about the same in size as last year’s event. Different faces, but the same sort of enthusiasm.

The celebration featured events such as aquarium swimming….

Nah, just kidding!

But we did have several activities that Syn and I put together including:

  • A community scavenger hunt (Using hints, find specific houses in our Ward with guestbooks and sign them)
  • A Palace of the Dead race to the first boss – both group and solo
  • Lowest roll greed only raffle
  • Hide and Seek

The last one wasn’t planned, but requested (we had a Hide N Seek event last year, and people wanted it again). So Syn got on one of her lowbie alts and tried to find a hiding place out in Central Shroud. Only, she died doing it… so the hint ended up being, “Find the dead player in the Shroud… and dance on the body.”

Dancing on Syn’s Dead Alt

Yeah, a little morbid… but you know. The alt got a rez afterward.

And, of course Tire-Track Zeb had to make an appearance to give out raffle prizes. That’s starting to become a thing.

Anyhow, in the end, we got a lot of positive feedback about the activities, the prizes and the event as a whole. I was a little worried that people would think the idea of signing guestbooks for the scavenger hunt was dumb, but they didn’t. Someone even commented that we should go through housing wards and do this more often (nothing is more sad than an empty guestbook).

It’s surprising that another year has gone by, and the FC is still going. Especially since I’m not always as attentive to the FC as I should be. It’s really a testament to the members and their desire to keep our family-friendly environment a great place to be. I hope there’s been friendships forged and positivity that keeps people coming back.

For the first time since Stormblood released last year, back when we got a flood of new players in our FC, we’ve opened our recruitment again. Though limited in who we take, we are seeking new friends to add to the roster. This has gone well so far, too.

I have no idea where FFXIV is going in the future, but right now, things are still bright for <KoM> as I see it.