FFXIV: My Little Ixion

Despite having played FFXIV for as long as I have, as often as I do, there’s still a bunch of content I’ve never seen, or I’m just not fully familiar with.

One example of this is the large boss FATEs that were added in the Stormblood zones, such as Foxy Lady and Ixion. I know they exist, I have an idea of what the rewards are for completion, have an idea that they’re on hugely long timers and (Foxy) spawn under a certain FATE chain and circumstance. I’ve just not put a lot of effort into camping them.

The one time I did complete the Foxy FATE was completely by accident. I just happened to be there and see that it had popped, so I did it for the rewards.

A similar story happened over the weekend.

It was late Saturday night and I was out in the Lochs clearing side quests for Amon. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a FATE pop nearby. Not just a regular FATE, but those epic trumpets that signify a boss has spawned. I look over, and there’s Ixion.

I flew over to investigate and saw one other guy doing the same. I didn’t know if I needed to alert someone about it, but pretty soon, other folks started to gather. As soon as a party finder announcement went up, I snagged a spot.

Much like the Foxy battle, this was a FATE with several repeating mechanics that can kill folks if it catches them off guard. Despite a slow start, we downed Ixion with plenty of time left on the clock, and I was rewarded 6 horns for a Gold clear.

It was only at that point that I looked up the rewards and saw that the mount required another 6 horns. Bummer. Well, I’m halfway there, but I’m not sure if I’ll be lucky enough to catch this FATE again without actively spending time in the Lochs.

Needless to say, I’m keeping closer watch on this now!