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June 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on June 29

Tomorrow is the last day of June (where did the month go?) and since I tend not to blog on weekends, I decided to recap my goal-setting a day early. I’m quite pleased with the outcome of June… though I didn’t hit all of my goals, I hit most of them, and went even beyond what I hoped to do this month.

Sims 4 Seasons Fun

Posted on June 28

I wanted to get a post about Sims 4 Seasons done before this, but ended up completely distracted by computer issues. Thankfully, I’ve gotten those squared away, and the PC is running great again.

When the Night’s on Fire

Posted on June 25

Yes, that’s a photo of the inside of my PC. 🙂

Looking Forward to the Sims 4 Seasons Expansion

Posted on June 19

The newest expansion for Sims 4 — Seasons, is gearing up to drop at midnight EST on this Friday. I’m trying to temper my feelings for the pack, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t pretty excited by what I’ve seen.

SL15B Celebration – Happy 15th Birthday Second Life!

Posted on June 18

Yesterday marked the beginning of Second Life’s 15 Birthday Celebration. You’ll find sim after sim of amazing builds, colorful crystals, free goodies, and lots of music. The Posse and I headed out to see what we could see and take part in the hunt across the sims. Even after spending several hours exploring, I feel like I’ve hardly scratched the surface of this event.

FFXIV: “What We Do is What Defines Us”

Posted on June 18

It’s odd how one of the most enjoyable parts of the new patch for me is the crafting beast tribe quests. To say that it’s renewed my desire to improve my crafters and learn about crafting in FFXIV is an understatement.

FFXIV: Level 70 White Mage! …And Leveling Progress.

Posted on June 15

Yesterday, I reached another goal for this month — to level my White Mage to 70. This one I was glad to get done with since healing is often stressful for me, even in Alliance Roulettes.

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Posted on June 14

It was pretty late for me last night when the Splatoon 2 Octoexpansion released. It was a good chunk of content that took a while to download and install, so I didn’t get a lot of time to play with it before I had to head to bed.

E3 2018 Impressions

Posted on June 13

Everyone’s talking about E3, so I may as well jump on the bandwagon. E3 has not traditionally been something that hypes me. I go into it without expectations, and the best that can come from it is unexpectedly being hyped over something.

The Passing of Project Wonderful & A Look at Current Blogging/Creativity

Posted on June 12

Does anyone remember Project Wonderful?

FFXIV: Making It Rain… Goals

Posted on June 11

Last week, the Make it Rain event started in FFXIV. This doubles the amount of MGP you win for things in the Gold Saucer and gives a huge bonus for doing well (and just dropping by) the Fashion Report. There are also cosmetic items on discount during the event.

All Work and No Play…

Posted on June 11

I’ve been working on a new series of themed horse coats that I’m looking forward to releasing for the upcoming Water Horse Creator Fair, which is supposed to be coming sometime in August. I haven’t heard any more information about it other than that. So, as soon as I know, I’ll let you know!

FFXIV: No More Greed Only Alliance Raids!! (Thank you)

Posted on June 7

Great news for folks who enjoy actually having a chance to get drops during Alliance Roulette: Yoshi P announced today that they will be rolling back the Greed Only rule on alliance raid drops in the next hotfix!

FFXIV: Our Free Company’s 4th Anniversary

Posted on June 4

Though our Free Company, Knights of Memory , was actually founded May 1st, that was a busy time for both myself and Syn. She was out of town for work, among other things. So we decided to push our anniversary event back a bit this year.

Pokemon Quest – Quick Review

Posted on June 1

I hesitate to call this a “review” because it’s more of a “this is what this game is about” sort of thing. Overall, I find it enjoyable, though not incredibly deep, and will probably keep playing it casually.

June 2018 Gaming Goals

Posted on June 1

I’m back with goal setting for another month. The weather is starting to heat up here, and all folks want to do is stay cool or stay hidden. I prefer both.