FFXIV: Completing Alphascape

Back when patch 4.4 dropped the Alphascape raid, it was content we tried, but then put off sensing that we’d need to be a bit better geared to move through it smoothly. With everything else going on, it got lost in the shuffle, and somewhat forgotten.

Fast forward to this past week. We have a returning member to our little FC, and we’ve been helping him lift his ilvl to meet the requirements to clear MSQ and open the Monastery. Getting him into Alphascape was a good place to secure some accessory drops and help with that process. Not to mention the weapon from Sigmascape.

I really wasn’t going to run it on my RP alt, Amon. But since they were going to do them all from the start, I decided to tag along. Sadly, it’s another thing that my RP alt has now cleared that my main has not!

I never intended to raid on my RP alt, but the more I play Bard, the more I’ve been enjoying it. Also, Amon has the higher ilvl now (!!) and that makes him feel stronger to play than my main.

I suppose I have plenty of time before the next expansion to work on my main… but honestly, when the expansion hits, it’s just going to mostly bring characters back to the same starting point. So I don’t have a whole lot of of motivation to work all that hard as long as she can see the story that leads up to Shadowbringers.

I did enjoy the ending of the raid story, probably more than the other raid series. Both Coil and Alex had these massive, epic storylines running through them… still, till today, I don’t quite get everything that happened in Alex.

And while the concept of Omega and the story surrounding it is complex, the final parts of the ending was fairly simple and wholesome. I know that not everyone takes the inclusion of a chibi chocobo from another dimension all that seriously, but that’s fine. It was sweet and worth the effort to get there. Plus you get a minion.

Speaking of the effort to get somewhere…. I also was able to finally save enough MGP for the Fenrir mount on Amon. I already had it on my main from sometime last year. But this just goes to show that earning the 60K from the Fashion Report every week adds up over time.

I really didn’t do much else to earn MGP on Amon, and I only just started to do Fashion Report sometime late last summer/early fall. There may have been a few weeks I missed, too, and I even spent a bit of MGP along the way. So, it’s safe to say that doing Fashion Report weekly can earn you the mount in about six months.

Hey, I’m patient. It pays off. 🙂