FFXIV: Weekend of Wins & Lab Progress

I meant to write about this earlier in the week, but there’s been a lot going on IRL, so it got pushed back. This past weekend was one of accomplishing a lot and getting lucky on rolls. As you can see in the picture above, I won the roll for the Bard chest piece from the Monastery and the OMG minion from Alphascape 4.

However, I decided to push ahead with upgrading to the Scavian ilvl 400 chest for both my Main and RP Alt. So the chest drop above became part of a glamour plate. I spent some time organizing glamour plates and macros that allow me to flip between them quickly. Quite happy with how that’s coming along.

Lab Progress

One of my main goals for the year was to work on decorating rooms for my many RP alts based on character themes. Amon’s personal room in the FC house has a lab theme, with a dab of library, study and a performing stage.

I was happy that I finally put the Behemoth horns to use in crafting the trophy housing item that I’ve been leveling Leatherworker specifically to make. Check it out!

Behemoth trophy I crafted last night up in the top right

There’s a cozy little sitting and study area…

Along the wall base, I’m using partitions to display the models that Amon’s been collecting over time. These have been random things retainers bring back, or gifts people have given him. I plan on continuing to add more of these as time goes on.

There’s a library/performance stage area. You can’t see it, but there’s actually a long red carpet that leads from the door to the stage itself. I was pleased by the effect that has.

The lab area itself includes lots of potions, a mineral rack, and a grow-light for experimental plants.

Oh, and a holding tank…

…where unassuming folks can get themselves caught.

I’m also currently reworking Amon’s apartment in the Lavender Beds with lofts and a slightly more home-like environment. I’m not quite done with figuring out what needs to be there yet, but when I get it closer to done, I’ll post about it.

I really want to figure out a theme for my Main’s house and tackle that next. I’m thinking something artsy with lots of sightseeing pictures, bookcases and window seats for lounging. We’ll see.