February 2019 Gaming Goals in Review

February 2019 Gaming Goals in Review

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Though I set pretty meager goals for myself this month, I didn’t quite reach all of them. This wasn’t unexpected, though. I’ve mostly been focused on leveling crafters on my alt, which I’ve done a great job of. But by the time I get home from work, finish a 4 sets of Beast Tribe quests and maybe get pulled into a run or two of Alliance or Expert, I just don’t have a lot of time for other things.

Once I get my crafting squared away, this will change. So I’m just trying to power through it all right now.

FFXIV: Main Character

  • Level Astro
  • Level Ninja
  • Finish Summoner Job Quests 

Here’s where most my lagging happens. I’m not really that thrilled to level Astro or Ninja, so those are the things that get pushed to the wayside. I did earn a couple levels on Astro this month, but nothing very significant. Seeing how little progress I’ve made here, I’m still counting it.


  • Level Armorer to 70
  • Gear Armorer
  • Level Leatherworker to 60+
  • Level Carpenter to 50
  • Progress on “I Made That” for Alchemist

Here’s where I’ve done a great job! Not only did I get Armorer to 70, but I also got Leatherworker to 70. I’ve almost bought all the tools for every crafting job with Yellow Scrips, so I’m nearly fully geared for all my crafters now, even the ones that aren’t 70 yet.

Carpenter is now 58, and quickly approaching 60. This should be 70 by next month. Goldsmith is quickly leveling (37), and I’ve been doing Grand Company turn-ins for the final two jobs to keep them moving (both level 22).

I worked through growing all the flowers and crafting all of the corsages as an Alchemist, which earned me I Made This IV for Alchemist.

I still have a LOT to craft to get the blessed tool, but I’m moving it along.

How did your gaming month go?

3 responses to “February 2019 Gaming Goals in Review”

  1. I’m curious as someone who (basically) never sets any kind of goals or measures to my gaming, does doing so help you to focus? Is it more the additional level of ‘Yay, achievements!’ even when they’re external from the game?

    Or is it more for the historical element of being able to track it back through your blog on what you’d been up to, etc?

    I’m finding I’m far more open to exploring whole alternate ways to play things at the moment, so yeah! Super curious the pros/cons you have found in this approach. 🙂

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    • Good question!

      I honestly don’t chase achievements very often. They’re a nice ding to feel in game, but it has to be something pretty special for me to really go after it.

      I think part of why I set goals has to do with the nature of FFXIV — it’s a game with a huge scope of activities to do. I’m the type of person that can get easily overwhelmed with a game that offers more content than I’ll ever have time to complete, even if I were just to focus with one character. It doesn’t help that I have alts.

      It combats that feeling of: Login. Too much to choose from. Overwhelmed by quest backlog. Log out.

      Or those restless days of: Login. Can’t decide what to do. Do nothing. Log out.

      We all have those days, no matter how much we love our games!

      I try to balance my goals and be gentle on myself. They are guidelines and suggestions, rather than rules. That’s why you see that I can accept the months I don’t reach some goals, but then I toss them right back up again and try next month. Sooner or later they get done… this isn’t a job, it’s for fun. So I make my goals as light and flexible as I can.

      They help keep me organized and moving forward. I like the feeling of setting my own progression in a game. They make me feel like I’ve accomplished something, even if it is just leveling a class a little during the month.

      It is nice to have a record of the things I’ve achieved over time, but that’s somewhat a side effect of the process. I have looked back in my blog for certain goals and stories from time to time, so I won’t say I’ve never used it for that.

      Hope that makes sense! 🙂

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      • Makes perfect sense, thank-you for taking the time to reply!

        One of my concerns on the approach was the potential to login, have the goals sitting there, but really want to do something else. xD

        You addressed that too though with allowing yourself to flex on them when and as you see fit without it then becoming a stick to hit yourself with, which is great.

        Yours and Wilhems are the first two ‘In Review’ posts I’ve come across for the month and both of you have taken a very different approach but also both in ways I quite like. Even when I blogged of old I was fairly irregular with any sort of retrospective except maybe for an end of year type post. Being back at it again now, and really being attracted to the idea of having a stable history of sorts to refer to, doing something similar one way or another is looking fairly likely. 🙂


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