FFXIV: Summoner Job Quests Complete!

I told you in my goal post for this month that this would be the month I finally get this done! I don’t know why it’s been one of those goals that I kicked back month after month, even to the point that I finished Dragoon instead of Summoner one month.

It’s done now, and was both enjoyable and interesting. I still have no idea why I kept putting it off. But now, I have a slew of other jobs at 70 that I need to finish… so no rest for me!

I’ve also been pushing forward on leveling my Astro — I hit level 53 this weekend, which got me to the point of doing Sohm Al with my squad. I heard the level 50 dungeons were annoying for the amount of effort to put into them, so I skipped them by doing beast tribes. Sohm Al wasn’t too bad.

I also earned my ilvl 390 weapon on my RP Alt this weekend – yes, he has it and my main doesn’t. She hasn’t finished Alphascape yet. ><

Ah well. It’s the end of the patch cycle anyhow. No real need to struggle too hard at gearing up, right?