FFXIV: Taking Care of Business

After completing my Alchemy goal on my RP alt this weekend, I was pretty motivated to work on other goals for my main. I’ve been running Alliance and starting back up on beast tribes for her Ninja, and finishing up level 50 beast tribes and squad runs for her Astro. Both gained a level this weekend, which is nice.

But my main focus was getting some job quests done. I caught up on job quests for her Astro — which is important because at level 56, there are several skills she needs to unlock. I also randomly picked one of my level 70 jobs to finish job quests for — this time, it was Paladin.

Part of me must have been traumatized by the Black Mage job quests, which I was always terrible at. Because I keep going into these quests with the fear that they’re going to be a lot harder than they turn out to be.

There were a few fights for the Paladin, but nothing at all super challenging. In fact, I found them pretty enjoyable from a story standpoint. I keep running up against this — putting off these quests and then finding they’re not bad at all in the end.

And I also got the Paladin shiny wing skill, too!

While I’m not completely finished with all of my crafting beast tribes on my RP alt, I’m getting pretty close. Once that’s done, I’ll have a whole lot more time to throw at my leveling and questing efforts on my main, and hopefully get her into the place I want before the new expansion drops.

I still have plenty of time, and it will be nice to finally square away most of her jobs at level cap…. just in time to add two more new jobs. Ah, well!