FFXIV: Maxing Out DPS Levels

This post will come as no surprise to anyone who saw my goal review post a few days ago, but considering this achieved one of my 2019 Yearly Goals, I wanted to give it a repost.

Over the weekend, I finally finished leveling my main's Ninja to 70, which means all of my DPS jobs are now max level (for the time being). I know it's pretty crazy that it took me this long to do. A smattering of alts tends to pull my attention away… not to mention there was a time when I had decided if I wasn't going to main a job, I wasn't going to level that.

It wasn't actually until Stormblood that I decided to go ahead and just level jobs. That's why I still have three jobs lingering around the 50-60 levels. That's a post for another time, though.

Right now, I'm just happy to have this much done before the next expansion hits.

Okay, yeah, I still also need to level Blue Mage. That's not hard to do, and it only goes up to 50. So that might be a June project.

Crafting Achievements

Alongside that, I also hit level 70 on Amon's Weaver.

It's been a long, unexpected road to bring up yet another omnicrafter to all 70s, but it's almost done. All I have left to complete is Blacksmith. The picture below shows that at 60, but it's actually 63 as of last night.

Namazu beast tribe quests will make short work of that. They're super fast and not very painful at all… compared to Ixali stuff. So this should be a chapter I close out in a few short weeks, if that.

I'm not looking forward to leveling two omnicrafters/gatherers come Shadowbringers, but if I could pull myself up to full 70s on two characters, I can make it to 80. Right?

Oh, and I'm happy to say that I spent about half a day pushing through all the crafting job quests for Amon as well. So, aside from Blacksmith, I've finished all of those.