FFXIV: Ding 60 Dark Knight – 2019 Leveling Goal Achieved!

This past month, my goal was to simply get Astro to 70 and Warrior to 60 in FFXIV. Not only did I do that, but I also finished leveling my Dark Knight, the last job I had flagging behind, to 60 last night. This was not part of my goals, so it’s an above and beyond!

Not only that, but bringing all jobs up to 60 was one of my 2019 Gaming goals, as seen here:

I’d still like to push those final few battle jobs that I just got to 50 on my main up to at least 60 by the end of this year.

Other than that, I have two more DPS lingering at 60 that I want to get to 70 before the expansion drops… I also want to finish all the job quests I keep putting off!

At this point, all of my jobs aside from Warrior and Dark Knight are at 70. This puts me in an excellent spot for Shadowbringers, which I’m going to dive into this Friday.

Oh yeah. And Blue Mage. But that doesn’t count.

I’m also up to date on all of my job quests for the first time in forever. Hitting up the Stormblood beast tribes will be enough to keep leveling my tank jobs without much of a time hit when the expansion comes.

I’m hoping the new Trust system will be a good way for me to pull up my alt jobs to 80 in the future. We’ll have to see what kind of experience it gives. That and whatever beast tribes we get going forward.

With this post, I’m signing off until Shadowbringers. See you in the First!