July 2019 Gaming Goals

A Quick Recap for June

I was busy playing Shadowbringers this weekend, so I didn’t remember to write up a summary of the outcome of June’s goals. This is somewhat sad because last month, I blew all of my goals out of the water!

Not only did I meet every goal I set – including finally finishing all the job quests I’d put off for over a year – but I actually exceeded my goals by getting both Warrior and Dark Knight to 60 before the expansion dropped.

I’m quite happy where I’m sitting overall. I’ve been able to dive straight into Shadowbringers while still kicking around daily beast tribes to level the jobs that aren’t yet 70. Later, I’ll talk more about the expansion, which I’ve been enjoying immensely, but for now, let’s set out some goals!

FFXIV Goals – My Main

  • Complete Shadowbringers MSQ
  • Level Red Mage to 80
  • Level a gatherer

I’m keeping this all very simple and wide open right now. As I’m sitting, I feel like I’m maybe about halfway through the MSQ, at level 75, as of last night. Even if all I did were roulettes every day, I’d easily hit 80 by the end of next week.

I guess the real question is what job to level after that? Or should I look at pulling up another character instead? I’m somewhat hesitating on bringing my RP alt through until I understand the MSQ as a whole.

Side Goal – Tai’s Stormblood Progress

Now that I’ve seen what I have of the new expansion, I’m fairly inspired to get as many of my characters to the First as I can! I have several who are just sitting at specific places in the MSQ, especially right at the start of Stormblood.

However, Tai has reached the Steppe, which is a fairly good way into the expansion. So, as a side project, I’m going to see if I can’t push him through the expansion and get him closer to Shadowbringers. Now that it’s super easy to gear up at 70, a lot of the barriers of progression have fallen.

I’m honestly not all that looking forward to going through Stormblood again (and again and again), but it’s not so much that I’m tempted to buy a story skip. Yet.