FFXIV: Second Soul of the Harvest

Last night, I finished up leveling Miner to 80 on my RP alt, which officially checked off my final goal for him for this month. I also earned him the Soul of the Harvest title. As I posted this weekend, I just earned this title on my main when I blew through leveling Fisher.

All in all, I took leveling my gatherers pretty casually for this expansion, but it felt a lot faster than Stormblood was. I did daily Grand Company turn-ins, kept up with my gathering turn-ins for the Crystarium, and did a few leves.

But one thing some people might overlook are the weekly Scrip turn-ins. These give a pretty large chunk of experience – about two levels each week – especially if you manage to get one with a bonus.

Scrip turn-ins are limited, however, and it’s somewhat of a struggle to decide if you want the experience, or the White Scrips instead. You can only have one or the other, and White Scrips buy the newest gear.

Granted, you can choose the crafted gear instead of Scrip gear, which has the perks of being multi-job gear — all of your gatherers can wear it. Also, you can meld materia into it, which makes overmelds possible. Technically, this gear can out-stat the Scrip gear due to this, but I don’t honestly pay much mind to min-maxing and stats.

I’ve never been very hardcore with my crafting/gathering classes due to the gil sink of failed materia melds. That’s why Scrip gear works just fine for me, even if it’s a bit of a pain that it’s single-job only at this point. As long as I can more or less gather what I want to, that’s all I care about.

Speaking of gil, the process of leveling gatherers has been pretty lucrative financially for both of my characters. While I’m nowhere near as rich as some of those master crafters, I’ve seen about a 5 Million (or more) increase for each of them since Shadowbringers. Gathering maps daily has been a nice boost since the new map dungeon came out last patch, too.

Today also starts the Moonfire Faire, which I’m looking forward to! Still much to do in FFXIV!