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Black Desert Online: First Level 50!

One of my unspoken goals for this month was to get my two newest characters – Aywren and Amon – to level 50 in BDO while I still have access to the Olvia server and all the boosts due to the account transfer.

The highest I’ve ever been in BDO was 34 on my Tamer – who is now regulated to my horse trainer and will remain under level 50 so that I don’t have to worry about PKs while training horses.

Last night, my Shai hit level 50!

She’s currently running around the big city Calpheon doing quests and learning about the world there. I’d made it to Calpheon before, many years back, but hadn’t really tried to explore or gather knowledge there yet. So this has been a fun experience.

In order to even level to 50, you have to accept and complete a quest (which is just using an item put in your inventory). This quest warns you that once you complete this and reach level 50, you will unlock open world PVP.

I have heard that there’s actually not all that much random PVP that happens in this game. Not being a fan of gank-PVP in general, I’m still giving this a try due to this. Mostly because I’m interested in seeing my Shai’s Awakening!

On top of that, it appears that my ideas of what BDO becomes after level 50 was skewed due to outdated information from back when I played it years ago. In my mind, I thought that there was nothing but constant grinding and struggle to upgrade gear after that point. It appears that maybe that was right… many years ago.

Huge thanks to Mailvaltar and Naithin for leaving so much good updated information in my comment section on the last post! This made choosing to progress to 50 and beyond a much more exciting prospect for me.

Indeed, the quests haven’t run out and I’m still doing what I did pretty much pre-level 50 — questing around, beating up monsters when directed and gathering knowledge of the world. I might need to adjust my goal for this month to see just how far I can get with what I have.

In the meantime, I’ve shifted back to leveling my archer, Amon. He was level 22 when I logged in last night and level 28 by the end of the night.

If he follows any of the patterns that my Shai did in her leveling curve, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reach 50 on him if I just have some time to dedicate to it. It may be even faster because I already know the quests and the objectives this time around.

I might venture out and work on leveling my Tamer up to 49 if I have the time. I also have a low-level Wizard at 17 that I can try to boost up. I heard Wizard is a strong class to play.

The thing with both of those characters is that they were rolled before the Remaster of the game, so it seems they’re still on the old questlines used at the game’s launch rather than the new more streamlined quests. I don’t know if there will be a spot where these quests merge eventually, but it feels a little more tedious when I was leveling my Wizard just to see how it works.

Anyhow, progress made and progress to be made! Good times!


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6 thoughts on “Black Desert Online: First Level 50!

  1. “…they’re still on the old questlines used at the game’s launch rather than the new more streamlined quests”. Okay, that’s something I knew nothing about. All my characters were made pre-remaster (I think… maybe not the Shai?). I really ought to start a new one and see if it’s significantly different.

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    1. It’s been so long since I played the original quests, but I knew I was moving through the game much faster on my new characters (and it wasn’t just the XP buff). Its seems that my old characters are still on the old questlines, though.

      Maybe this didn’t happen during the remaster (actually I looked this up and the story changes went in before the remaster, which happened in 2018) but I found a thread about it back in 2017. Apparently, some players felt they hit the story with a nerf bat pretty hard.

      It even stripped out quests that had knowledge attached to them, too.

      So maybe I’m glad I have a Wizard that can go back through and compare the old story with the new since it’s been a while.

      Edit: It looks like I’m right that the newly rolled characters see the new story as per this post:

      Also, further comments answered my question, apparently the old and new quest finally merge in Mediah.


  2. Congrats! If you keep at it she’ll be awakened in no time. 🙂 If I remember correctly it’s only after 56 that leveling slows down considerably.

    By the way, somewhere in ‘challenges’ (one of the icons on the bottom right, it looks like a gift package) there’s an item that refreshes every day. I claimed it already today, so I can’t check the name, but it gives you 50 contribution XP and a choice of one out of four different boost scrolls, two are for combat XP (long duration, small effect or vice versa), the others for skill XP (ditto).

    I’d suggest to claim that every day, although I tend to forget every other day or so. 🙂 It’s only available once per account though.

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    1. Thanks for the tip! I did notice this – though I have a lot of unclaimed stuff there because I’m not sure what all to do with them! I’m trying to remember to gather my loyalty and to take advantage of the extra extra buffs, too!

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  3. Congrats, quite the milestone! 😀 And fortunately, now so far removed from the Western launch of BDO – 50 is no longer the point everything slows to a craaawwwllll. You’ll have plenty of questing and nicely paced XP requirements for levels to go! ;D

    I’m still a bit behind you on my seasonal character, around level 41. But I can play hours at a time at the moment without making a single combat level. rofl.

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