BDO: Saying Farwell to Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival

BDO: Saying Farwell to Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival

Though achieving my first dream horse in BDO was the biggest excitement in Black Desert Online, I’ve actually put most of my time towards Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival the past two weeks. This was because of the fishing event at Terrmian Beach – the location of the festival – where you can fish up koi and golden sea perch.

Each koi is worth 500,00 silver and each sea perch is worth 10,000,000 silver. No typos.

Considering top gear and mounts in BDO can be in the billions of silver, this isn’t as much as it seems. But for a player who still hasn’t established a financial foundation just yet, I jumped on the event as quickly as possible.

I got there right after the server came up from maintenance, and actually saw when there were abundant fish at the festival fishing spot. It didn’t take long before people flocked in with horses and camps as far as the eye could see, lending a further festive feeling to the location.

I already really liked the place due to the lovely ocean view, rainbow fountains and capering baby elephants. The music there is pretty nice, too. So it’s been a good place to fish just for location.

It got crowded pretty quickly!

Needless to say, I had no idea how much of a money maker this would be for me. I went in with about 10 million silver on my character – oh how proud I was of that! – and at a lowly level of fishing.

Thanks to the 100% xp lifeskill boost, my fisher gal is now Artisan 4 and has made over 400 million silver from this event! I honestly don’t know exactly how much she’s made since some of the profit came in terms of crystal shards that went instantly to the warehouse storage – but seeing as that’s also 400 million silver or so, it’s been a good haul!

I did a few of the quest, in particular, the quest to get the elephant statue for my Grana mansion. My poor giant house is so empty that anytime furniture is offered, I’m seeking it out! I don’t even care what it is at this point. 🙂

Cute though!

Anyhow, today is the last day of the water festival, so I’m trying to make what I can of it while it’s still out there. I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the BDO events since so many seem to come and go, but this one was worth the time!

Now I have an artisan 4 fisher in my ranks with a number of new fishing titles I’ve earned, too! Once the event rolls off tomorrow, it’ll be back to training my horses again, which is just as exciting.

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