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Most folks in my social media circles were aware of the Bundle for Ukraine – which ended last week. A huge number of developers came together to make an almost irresistible bundle of games, apps and gaming content that raised over $6 million to assist with the situation in Ukraine.

Absolutely astounding!

Back in 2020, we had a similar bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, which I also purchased at the time. I wanted to explore this bundle back when I bought it, but have never had the chance to really sit down and figure out what all was in it. So, I’m somewhat glad this new bundle reminded me that I have a lot of games on – and some of them are quite good!

Collection Sorting

Because there are so many items in these bundles, did not automatically add the content to the games library. While I’ve heard folks have ways of doing that, I’m actually rather glad it didn’t. It would have been way too overwhelming in the long run.

Instead, I opted to do two things – download the game app and create collections. I then spent the time going through both bundles and assigning games that seemed of interest to me to collections.

Similar to lists that I make and use in Steam to organize my games, I now have a “To Play” list of games for These are games I haven’t played yet, but would like to try. The games are there for download but don’t exist in my library until I actually do download them.

Once I’ve tried something or I’m playing something, I have lists for those statuses, too. I created a list called “On Switch” – that represents games that I own or bought on other platforms already. Most of them are Switch, but some were on Steam as well.

I also have a section called “Neat Apps” for things that aren’t games but seem interesting.

There was some overlap in the games between the two bundles, which is fine, but for the most part, I’ve just organized about 150 some games that I eventually do want to check out sometime. If I can ever get my Steam backlog under proper control (I’ve been working on that too!).

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